How to Create A Genuine Connection with your Audience Through Social Media

If you want to get anywhere with your business, then you need to connect with people in a way that makes them want to engage and to take action. Whether it’s buying something, opting into your newsletter or even just leaving a quick comment on your YouTube video—engagement and action is crucial to your success.

The bottom line is that you need people to connect with you.

Social Media has been a game changer for not only me but for millions of individuals and businesses around the world. Let me go over a few tips you can take to make genuine connections to win the hearts of people, and have them take action on what you want most.

1. Be genuine in what you create and post

It’s nothing new that people are much more inclined to connect with someone who they believe is real and transparent. In my space (Internet Marketing) there are many out there that don’t tell you the entire story of how they got to where they are. On the other hand, I stand behind taking people behind the curtain so to say and show them how I’ve got to where I am in my business.

I show them the steps and tools I use and I also tell them what to not do in order to see success at the end. The last thing I want to do is make a quick buck off someone. What I really make apparent is that I love to help people regardless of the monetary reward.

Make your social updates about others not yourself, give them real value in your Twitter updates, blog posts, YouTube videos, and make it really good and engaging content.

2. Always be paying attention

It’s one thing to get someone’s attention but to have them keep you in their thoughts for the long-haul, you must be willing to pay attention yourself.

If you take hours to put together a YouTube video, spending time researching, editing, recording, and uploading then it stands to reason you should reply back to those who leave their comments and feedback.

If you created a video on how to do x-y-and-z, then when you get someone comment about a-b-c then you should make it your duty to respond back because I can’t tell you enough how much paying attention pays off in business.

Always reach out to those who reach out to you. Even though my business has grown a lot over the last year or so I still reach out to everyone who emails me, writes to me on social media, and it has 10x’ed my business.

Now don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to respond to every little response otherwise you might come off as being desperate, and you don’t want that. If someone says “Awesome content” then you can just leave it as it is; there’s no need to respond to every single thing you get.

Respond to those who are asking for it. When someone virtually comes out and raises their hand wanting to get an answer or response, then these are the ones seeking your attention and they are the ones you need to connect with.

3. Stay consistent

I look up to a lot of people and they all have one thing in common among their businesses and social media—constancy.

If you want to capture people’s interest and gain authority in your genuineness, then you need to post regularly. Not only do you need to stay constant, you must keep up with the quality that you set (which should be the highest that you can muster up).

Constancy + quality are what makes people move on the web so to speak. It’s what makes people keep coming back for more and more. For myself I try to post a new blog post each week, a new YouTube video, dozens of smaller social media updates containing inspiring, motivating, and helpful content.

There’s also weeks where I even up my game. Also, I never miss a day because it’s not doing me any good to miss a day of connecting with my followers and clients. You should create a schedule of posts and stick with it—stay constant. 😉

4. Create your style (theme)

Branding is a HUGE part of getting people to connect with you on a very deep level. If you turn on the TV for 10 minutes I am sure you will see all sorts of branding that have been burned into your head with what they’re all about.

When you go out to create new content, try to make your creations follow a style or theme of branding. For example, take a look at


As you can see from the photos above she follows a style when she posts updates. Even if she is posting someone else’s useful information, she takes that extra time to make a personalized version for her following.


She does this because when her posts come up into someone’s news feed, she wants them to know it’s her updates. When all her updates follow a particular theme, people will be far more likely to start connecting with her on not only a deeper level but also they will be able to see her updates far better than if hers looked like the rest on the news feed.

Here’s another example that’s not easily forgotten.


It’s very clear that his theme is about … well … him. Every YouTube video thumbnail is a face (funny face most of the time).

If you watched a video of his and then went off to look at some other videos then saw his face in the sidebar, you would remember his previous videos that you viewed earlier.


Then, you might want to click on it because it’s his theme (branding) that he is dishing into your head.

Create a theme or style of your own and build around it and soon your followers will become loyal fans.


It all comes full circle when you take the time to help others. I always tell my clients, “If you give me 100% I will give you 200% back.”

If you spend the best part of your time on your creative work, thinking about how you can change the lives of others, you’re on the right path to making a genuine connection with people.

Helping others is why I wake up in the morning and without all of you, I wouldn’t be here and it is thanks to you that all of this exists.

Thanks for reading; please share with me your thoughts on how you make genuine connections with your followers.

What’s working, what’s not?

Talk soon,
Scott “genuine” Hurtado