Hi, I’m Scott Hurtado.

I help people bridge the gap between living an average life and living a life in "LIMITLESS MODE." It's my mission to help you get to that next level of success so that you can be, do and have in life ever everything you've ever wanted (whatever that might be for you).

How My Work Will Benefit You

Everyone desires in their life to be, do, and have more. The problem so many face is they don’t have a clear cut path to take in order to fast track their results in life. The work I create is to give people a clear cut path to live meaningful lives. And you can rest well knowing that all I create is absent of all the marketing hype, fluff and shallow, superficial nonsense that gets you nowhere!!

My writing focuses on topics like…
  • How I built a 7 Figure Digital Product Business
  • How to have “monk-like discipline”
  • How to create lasting success (and no-fail habits)
  • How to unlock the subconscious mind to create infinitely
  • How to manifest a life with unlimited abundance and joy
  • How to achieve your biggest dreams and goals (this year)
  • How to get all that is and always has been available to you

To see massive results with my work requires one thing from you. Your willingness to take the time to discover all the wisdom I’ve created within my site. That’s the only cost here.

For myself, I don’t just talk and teach the wisdom within my site; I live it. More than anything else, I am obsessed with what I’ve come to discover so far in my life and the effects I’ve had from all the teachings I share here on my site for free. I am a lifelong learner of the stuff I write about here on my site. 😁

Most of the concepts I write about aren’t my own (in such a sense, there’s nothing really “new under the sun”). What good ideas, resources, and teachings I discover, I build upon them once I’ve come to understand them fully. And by understanding them fully, I mean, after many hours of reading, research, and implementation with my own clients and within my own life.

In life, I’ve come to find that you can’t just gather things (build up a massive library of knowledge) and expect results to happen magically. It’s vital to discover the findings I have here, but you must take action with what I share here is equally important.

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Contact Me

I take great pride in personally respond to all the emails people send to me. That said, please note I don’t accept guest posts, advertising, or requests to promote anything (just not my style, sorry … not sorry).


  • You can write to me here: scott [at] scotthurtado.com
  • Problems with membership: teamscott [at] scotthurtado.com
  • Any feedback or suggestions: submit here

About Me

Here are a few things about me…

Creator of ScottHurtado.com and the popular weekly newsletter.

  • Over 100 articles published.
  • Over 100,000 email subscribers.

Speaker at major companies and events.

  • I try to speak 1-2 speeches per month.
  • If you are interested in having me speak at your event, please click here to submit a speaking request.

Writer to many, but also to myself.

  • Each year, I try to write more than 1-million words (sounds like a lot, but there are times I write more than 50 thousand words in a single day).
  • I read more than 30 books a year just on sharpening my writing skills (if you have any recommendations, please shout at me).

Obsessed to serve and give wisdom.

  • In high school, I spoke at school events about love, mind, and figuring out what to do with your life.
  • Before smartphones ever existed, I would daily (mass text) all the contacts in my phone, inspirational messages to brighten their day.
  • I Have always been an advocate to give my most precious resource (time) to those that ask for it and need it most.
  • I am a Strategist of Preeminence — Its focus is on the receiver (you) and their (your) best interest. It boils down to; “I’m not trying to sell you—I want to serve you.”

For All You Visual Learners 😘


Favorite Color is Green 
Life-Long Learner
Travel Obsessed
Heart of Gold
Night Owl
Curious Little Kid At Heart
Finding The Joy In Everything
Loves A Good Movie
Chess Master
Loves Hiking & Outdoors
Relentlessly Driven

Other Projects and Interests

Things that fascinate me, but that I typically don’t write about include…

The arts. I love music (was in 12 bands), video, audio, creative writing, architecture, painting, sculpture, photography, graphic, film, video, just to name a few. 

Entrepreneurship. I find it so amusing to learn about numbers, business, finance, and thoughtful topics around entrepreneurship.

Books (that knowledge stuff baby!). I find that really good books, courses, events (and deep wisdom) to learn from is my secret addiction. But, hey it’s kinda my job to find what’s working and share it. From the thousands of books, courses, and gems I’ve found in my life, you can look at my reading list, which I try to update every month.

Inspiring messages. As a side project, I like to create inspirational videos, social posts, and meaningful messages that inspire, energize, and move people to take action towards what they want in life. I will often hear (or see) something that makes me jot down some notes to go about creating something from the feeling (or thoughts) towards the random things I stumble upon each day. I find it that the best ideas come from the last place you’d think you’ll find it in. 

Veganism. Years ago use to be all for meat, processed foods, and sugary drinks. However, once I began to think more about my body, health, and fitness, I found that I felt (and performed) 1000x better by eating plant-based whole foods that are natural. One of the best things I’ve done in my life, aside from understanding consciousness in the depth I do, is taking care of my body through healthy lifestyle choices. Plus, I very much like animals as I tell my daughter all the time they’re our friends.  

Minimalism. I found that the less Sh*t you own/have in life, the better. I mean, why own a ten-million-dollar home when you don’t even use 80 percent of it. I’ve lived a life with a lot of crap, and with where I am today, not caring to own much. For the most part, I choose to keep and only buy stuff I will use daily or at least weekly. To many materialistic possessions end up owning you and steal your most precious resource (time). I say, own less, do more. 

What To Do Next

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