How does Affiliate Marketing Work?


Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commissions by promoting other people’s products or services. You find a product or service that you like and have an interest in, promote it to others, and then you will earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

Affiliate Marketing is behind almost every business whether visible or not.

Affiliate marketing is a very attractive business model because, you as the affiliate don’t have to keep track of merchandize/stock, talk to costumers, ship out orders, and you don’t have to spend months developing a product or service. Affiliate Marketing can be performed by anyone and by anyone, I mean you! Affiliate Marketing is most popular on the Internet as you might already know.

There are four Affiliate Marketing types:

  • Cost Per Sale (CPS)
  • Cost Per Action (CPA)
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per Mille/1000 (CPM)

No matter what way you choose to go always do the following when building a business with affiliate marketing.

Tip One: Try to only promote things you use and like yourself. When promoting something you’re familiar with you will have much more success than just promoting something that can make you a little money. If I don’t like the product but, it has a high payout I won’t promote it.

Tip Two: Never tell anyone to buy your product. If you use a product then it will make people want to buy it and their isn’t really anything that you have to do to try and sell them on buying it.

Always stay honest when building an affiliate marketing business as it will pay off so much more in the long run and not to mention you will be able to sleep at night.

How do you find affiliate services/products to promote?

When I go out and try to find an affiliate, I always first think of a products and or services I already like and use. If you like a product chances are you will be able to sign up as an affiliate, if they don’t have an affiliate program to sign up to then you can sign up to a similar product that will more or less fill that gap.

Some company’s products and services just don’t have a comparable competitor so you will have to find one for yourself that you like yourself. Don’t ever just start promoting a product or service that you yourself haven’t ever tried though.

I won’t get into that subject in this post but just know this: promoting a product or service that you haven’t experienced yourself is just like you selling someone dog crap. This is because if you don’t know what’s inside how can you expect the customer to want it if you haven’t bought it yourself?

Always try to experience your affiliates for yourself because you will be much better off in the long run. You can go sign up to an affiliate network to get your feet wet and start to see that there are thousands of opportunities for you.

An affiliate network works like this:

An affiliate network is more or less a middleman that stands between the advertisers and publishers. The advertiser is the service/product or brand, and the publisher is you (the affiliate).

The affiliate network provides a place where advertisers can submit all their info for a publisher to start promoting their offers to earn commissions from. There are so many affiliates out there and when dealing with an affiliate network you have hundreds and thousands of advertisers to choose from. Everything from health to wealth and all the way down to baby clothes to cars.

Some of my favorite affiliate networks:

Commission Junction
Click Bank
Amazon Affiliate Program

Now try to find a few advertisers that you have a common interest in order to build a business around. Never go out and start promoting dozens of affiliates because you will most likely fail at earning much of anything.

Affiliate marketing is great, and I have built Click Money Network around affiliate marketing, and I hope you realize you will never get rich working for someone else.

There are huge lifestyle benefits associated with affiliate marketing:

#1 You can pick and chose the people you work with.
#2 You can work from home part-time in your spare time.
#3 You can pick the hours you work, and how much you work within those hours.
#4 You can give yourself an IMMEDIATE raise through tax savings, which is great.
#5 You have the chance to literally set yourself financially free in far less time.

Affiliate Marketing Starts With your First Impression

First Impressions can either make or break you when it comes to your sales, conversions, opt-ins, and everything you need to create your income from affiliate marketing.

When you go to a site that’s covered with advertisements, and banner ads what’s your first impression?

When I come to sites like that I instantly get the urge to leave because I feel like the site has no value. I get the feeling that all they are telling me is: Hey, click on one of our hundreds of banners, so we can make a buck!

If you just went out to meet someone for the first time and the first words that come out of their mouth is: hey you should buy something from me.

When I am promoting affiliates, I constantly try to get to know my prospector and I always invite them in never asking for a sale because that will always turn them off. If you do have some success going the route of coming out and asking for a sale within the first seconds of them landing on your page then I congratulate you, and I wish you continued success with your business.

However, this is the real world and I haven’t ever seen people having success promoting affiliate this way and you shouldn’t ever try to go this route as well.

I get asked by people all the time: is this affiliate good or is bad and do you make good money from them?

Then I ask them: Have you bought it for yourself, done some research, or seen what they are all about? One hundred percent of the time they say I haven’t bought it or researched anything and I have no idea what they are about so that’s why I am asking you…

I then say how can you come to understand its value if you have never been in the driver seat yourself or tried to research anything. People only really truly like and love things if they try them out for themselves, and affiliate marketing is no different.

Go out and sign up to some advertisers and start trying things out for yourself because when it comes to affiliate marketing. there is a lot of money to be made but you really first have to one: be determined to work hard and two: try things out for yourself and three: choose and build your business around things you like and have a common interest in.

Be willing to fail
Affiliate marketing is more or less about seeing how things work for you, theirs no real science to it and you can’t just go out and be successful within a week. Before I was able to make the kinds of money I now make I failed, and I still fail at things however, what matters in life is that you keep trying and moving forward.

Thanks for reading this article, and I wish you true success with affiliate marketing. If you found this article helpful, please share it and leave your feedback in the comments section below.