Where to Start with Your Dreams?

It’s an incredible gift that we can dream and imagine whatever we choose. What’s often hard for most is knowing what to dream or imagine altogether. As long as you imagine and visualize your dreams as occurring someday, your dreams will never happen for you. Wishing and believing that your dreams will “eventually” occur is a major problem in your mindset. Anyone and everyone that has had their dreams become a reality did so by transforming their mindset from “someday” to “now.” You do this simply with your mindset and by taking action. You can begin to live your dreams today by invoking your true mindset into your life.

Leave no time for the future, for today, holds all the time for change.

Now, of course invoking this kind of mindset into your current life does present you with a real challenge. That challenge being: Are you ready and serious about your dreams? Are you wanting to live your dreams or do you just like the thought of them instead? It might be hard to believe, but many people love the idea of their dreams more than actually living out their dreams. Many people like to hope, wish, and love the anticipation of wanting something that they think deep down won’t ever really happen. Having a mindset like this will bankrupt your life-force. One of the traps people fall into, especially during the influencing of your mindset, is the trap of one’s ego.

The ego tells you what you have been taught through social conditioning. Social conditioning is the influence of society on our thoughts words and actions. It’s why most people dream to be rich, famous, or even both, this is the ego speaking. You need to be aware of the fact that most of our ego is defined by social conditioning, so becoming rich and famous may not be as fulfilling as you thought it would be in your life. And this is due to social conditioning.

Intuition is the true path to your dreams and desires. If you rely on your ego during the process of getting into the right mindset – LIFE will seem overwhelming, filled with doubt, fear and anxiety and you will never truly be happy or fulfilled in your life.

How can one tell the difference between their intuition and ego? At first this will seem like a big challenge. It takes a lot of patience and practice to recognize the difference between genuine intuition and one’s ego.

Let me give you some pointers that will help you distinguish one from the other:

Ego is Fear Based – Intuition is based on Love. Social conditioning is rooted in fear. For example, we’re told to work hard and keep slaving away at our 9-5 job that exhausts us. Why? Well, in short it’s because it gives us a pay check, and our social conditioned ego is told if we keep working hard we will get a raise and make more money. With Intuition, you get a complete sense of knowing and a complete sense of feeling entirely whole through and through. Social conditioning and one’s ego tells us we need to make more money, have more possessions, have a bigger house, and many other things that don’t really make us feel whole and centered in our lives. One’s true mindset comes from intuition and intuition comes from love.

Ego wants to protect your mental image – Intuition wants to protect your soul & life’s true journey. When you use your ego as your means for your mindset you will always lack in your life. You will always have some emptiness to you no matter how successful or famous you may become. When you use intuition for your mindset things will come into your life with ease, and there will never be an empty void. The egotistic mind always favors the materialistic things, and the intuition mind favors true inner happiness.

Ego assumes there’s only scarcity & intuition knows there’s only abundance. One’s ego much like social conditioning tells us that we live in a world of winners and losers, rich and poor, successful and unsuccessful. Intuition and your true mindset knows only abundance. If your mindset is saying to do it for money and status, this is your ego. If your mindset is saying yes to something, but in order for you to gain, someone else must lose, this too is one’s ego and therefore it’s not the correct mindset. Intuition knows no limits and no one has to lose in order for you to win when having the right mindset.

Following your head vs. Following your heart (intuition). The ego only gets in the way of you being able to connect with your true mindset. Having a mindset based off of one’s ego will result in you getting into mental debate with yourself, this is due to the fact of the ego trying to justify itself through logic, the ego does this to try and prove that it’s right. The ego may even try to trick you into thinking it’s correct when in fact it’s not. Intuition is always right for this reason it doesn’t need to try and debate. If you feel that you need to debate with intuition it’s because your ego is trying to challenge your true mindset. Intuition will simply give you the same answer again and again. Intuition is the source of that little voice that guides us, if we let it. Our heart is where our intuition resides, our true mindset – the one that truly knows what is best for us.

Dreams come easy when you think from your heart. Intuition and your true mindset are one within the same. When you truly give something and care not to receive anything in return you’re thinking with your heart, your intuition, and your true mindset.

You have a finite number of days on this earth so don’t spend them wasted on someone else’s dreams due to social conditioning. Don’t be trapped by a false mindset. When you start to hear that voice inside your head that says, “I’m not good enough,” listen to your heart instead. In your heart, you are not measured by the amount in your bank account, the number of trophies you have, or by the car you drive.

When you listen to your heart, you don’t become preoccupied with success and status, materialism and jealousy, or power and pride. When you follow your heart you will find eternal peace and ignite your true mindset. Following your heart will show you the path to your life’s purpose. Dreams will no longer need to be dreams because they will be the life you live each new day.

The heart has reasons that not even reason itself can understand. You don’t need to make society, friends, or family understand what your heart desires. When you no longer follow your heart in life you seem lost and without purpose. The things that feed your soul and the moments that make you feel truly full don’t just go away when you stop following your heart. Your dreams and desires eat at you each and every day leaving an empty void within your soul. Follow your heart and trust me when I say this, nothing can take the place of your intuition. Intuition is your true mindset through and through.

Please share below your thoughts on your dreams and what you’re doing to make them a reality. Could you work on them more? Do you need help? Let me know and thanks for reading. 😉