The 3 Traits of Highly Successful People

In today’s video, I am going to share with you the three things of highly successful people.

There’s many things that leaders know and talk about on stage, in books, webinars, and all of them use these three things in their life to become successful so listen up.


Your Faith/Mindset is knowing that what you put your mind to will happen because you know without a doubt what you want and dream to be will come to be real in your life.


Having persistence is something that a lot of people don’t have. They might be really talented, but they give up after a while because they don’t have the right mindset, and they’re just not driven enough to keep pushing forward. Persistence alongside your mindset which coincides with having faith is an incredibly powerful thing.

So mindset (faith) and persistence can make you extremely successful.


Adaptability will just set your success into the stratosphere meaning that it’s going to 10x your success. For example, adaptability is you Improving your great idea by listening to what your customers tell you.

If you’re not willing to change for the better then you’re not an adaptable person, adaptability is an amazing way to grow your business because if you look at the world of business we live in today we have to keep growing and changing.

If you look at the internet which is what I do it changes almost daily, new tools, services, sites, are always coming into the mix and I am always trying to adapt and grow. Adaptability is what separates the average successful people to those who are on an entirely new level of success.

To really set yourself up for unmatched success you should have all three in your life and business. Faith, mindset, and adaptability start using them and you will see change start to happen.

Leave me thoughts below in the comments section on what you think and maybe you could add onto my three, I would love to know what you think.

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Scott “your mindset is key” Hurtado