How To Stop Being Jealous of Other People’s Success

Years ago I was a sucker to my ego, an ego that was always trying to fill an unifiable black hole of why I should be successful. I was extremely jealous of others around me… All of which seemed to hit it big when I was stuck in my life and business wishing I was them.

Business Partners Can Be A Bitch

There are many reasons to have a business partner that brings light into the business. However, there’s always a risk you take by having a business partner. Before I go into the cons of a business partner, know this: not all business partners become corrupt.

107 Blog Topic Ideas to Start a Blog That Matters

Have you ever wanted to start a blog but have no idea what to write about? You’re not alone; many people have the desire to share their message, they just have no idea where to start or what to talk about.

How to Develop Your Own Unique Blogging Voice

Blogging is everywhere and content is being pumped out like never before. It’s hard to find your place online without your voice. In this post I am going to share with you how to develop your own unique blogging voice.

5 Things To Consider When You Feel Like Giving Up

I’m sure you’ve done it before: you start out with all the energy and effort needed, then months later you’re burned out and want to call it quits. This post is going to help you get through those days when you just want to call it quits.

How to Repurpose your Blog Posts Like a Ninja

If you spend time creating your blog posts then you NEED to repurpose your content. Learn here first how to get 10x more eyes on your content.

The Hidden Powers To Reading Hundreds of Books a Year

The Hidden Powers To Reading Hundreds of Books a Year

Reading is a drug (well, for me at least). When I was a kid growing up, I never liked the thought of reading. The books that they had at the library were boring at best. And the once or twice a year book event sold books that were never anything that could add to my collective knowledge.

From Good to Great to Master in a Matter of Weeks!

It’s human nature to want to learn and grow. With so much information out there we set high hopes, but rarely follow through. There are those of us who buy lots of books, then sit them on the shelf to collect dust. There are those of us who write down our goals and stick them in a drawer to be lost forever.

Why Some Blog Posts Flop While Others Win!

Having a blog is a great way to connect with people, but what we fail to understand is that a blog post is so much more than just a piece of content that gets people reading.

3 Ways to Outsource When You’re a One-Man Show (AKA a Perfectionist)

Being a perfectionist when it comes to your business is a double-edged sword; I know all too well what it’s like being a perfectionist and having the mentality of thinking, “Only I can do it right”. In this post, I’m going to share with you some great insights on easing into the outsourcing world.

How to Make Great Landing Pages

How to Make Great Landing Pages That Get Amazing Results

A landing page that converts traffic needs to be persuasive, it needs to grab attention, and it needs to have one call to action. Also, you need to take notes because this stuff can change your life. With that said, let’s get to it!

The Price You Pay For Thinking Negatively

At some point we all have our negative days. Those times when we just feel drained, lost, and confused on what to do with our lives. Stopping negative thoughts isn’t all that easy and it’s not something that’s taught all that much.