3 Ways to Outsource When You’re a One-Man Show (AKA a Perfectionist)

Being a perfectionist when it comes to your business is a double-edged sword.

If you’ve never outsourced or had someone work for you then you’re missing out! Outsourcing for myself has been a lifesaver in regards to my business and enhancing my time-management. The people that I’ve grown my business with are truly amazing people.

I know all too well what it’s like being a perfectionist and having the mentality of thinking only I can do it right. In this post, I’m going to share with you some great insights on easing into the outsourcing world.

Outsourcing, when done correctly, will free up your time and grow your business at the same time. If I were to sit down with you and see how you run your business from day to day, I can bet you’re doing things that waste your time. It’s not that you’re doing things wrong, but rather you’re probably not doing them right.

Your time is valuable and you should only be focusing on the things that you do best. For example, in my business I could be doing all the busy work such as, fixing the website, secretary responsibilities, and responding to support emails, but I would be wasting my time.

I’m not saying those things aren’t important; fixing the website, doing secretary work, responding to support emails, and the other “busy work” is important to keep the business moving forward, however, those things should be done by someone else so you can focus on what has to be done by you and you only.

You must get out of your head these thoughts when it comes to outsourcing:

It costs too much
It’s too hard to find someone
It’s not right for my business
I don’t need help; it’s unnecessary
I am the only one who can do it right
It’s going to take up too much time to hire someone

There’s one question I want to ask you: What if you could make ten times more money and have ten times more time in the day, would you do it? Your business would work ten times better as well. Would you say yes?

If not, then stop reading and never come back to my site again because I can’t help you. You still here? Good. 😉

Now that you know how powerful outsourcing is, let me share with you the 3 ways to outsource when you’re a one-man show (AKA a perfectionist).

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#1 Seek Those Golden Eggs

When it comes to outsourcing and finding team players you need to seek like-minded people (those that have the same work ethic as you); in my business I am a very driven individual or what they call a go-getter. If I put my mind to it, I successfully will do it or die trying.

What I look for when I am searching for someone to join my team, I look for traits inside myself; I look for someone driven, loves to learn, problem solver, good person, and most importantly, someone looking to grow with me and my business.

The people that are team players are not as easy to find; you have to go out and find them because they’re more than likely not trying to find you.

The leg work involved with finding an A++ person to add to your workload is worth the effort, trust me. When you find a “golden egg” (the bad asses of the workforce) you will learn that outsourcing is AWESOME!

A word to the wise: you will find the rotten eggs before you find a golden egg, however, don’t let that stop you; even the bad eggs are sometimes better than going the solo route.

#2 Start Small

I’ve helped all sizes of businesses from solo startups to hundreds of employee businesses. I’ve seen outsourcing done right and have seen people fall flat on their faces.


What you should do if you’re brand new to the game of outsourcing is start small. I’ve helped people who think they need to go out and hire ten new people when they haven’t even made their first dollar. Don’t add madness to chaos!

Start small.

Outsource a one-off task.

A one-off task could be something like:

Adding tags & images to your current blog posts
Researching for a book or blog post you’re going to write
Creating a social media account (or accounts)
Uploading ten of your new videos to YouTube
Create SlideShare presentations
Creating a press release
Keyword research
And loads of other tasks

I know that you could learn how to do all of the stuff above, however, you need to be doing more important things with your time like I mentioned previously.

Things that you should be doing with your time might be:

Build systems for things that you have to keep doing and make them automated. If you’ve been constantly doing the exact same thing over and over, you’re going about it all wrong; for example: every time a new customer buys your product, you manually add them to a purchase order and then manually send them out a welcome email. I just want to pull my hair out thinking about doing that!

You can connect apps and tools with an amazing resource like Zapier.


If it’s something that can’t work with a tool like Zappier then you should work on how to make the process automated. Build a template and hand that task off to someone else.

If you manage a lot of social media channels and have to always post every few hours, then you need a tool like Buffer.


If you’re constantly having to renew your passwords because you forget them, then get yourself 1Password.


Technology can be awesome, but you can still make a process without technology. For example: making a simple checklist that illustrates the steps to making a blog post, connecting with a client, or really anything!

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Another tip: You should document the process and you can outsource the process to someone else and it will outline how you like it done. Boom! Mind blown! 😉

#3 Just Relax

When you outsource and get into the habit of team building it should relieve stress. Yes, it will be kind of scary at first, but most things are. The fact is that once you get your feet wet you will be happy you took the dive.

You’ll soon see just how nice the water is when it comes to outsourcing.

If you’re really that scared then you can head over to my friends site Virtual Staff Finder. What the site does is outsource the task of outsourcing. What that means is that you don’t have to do the looking yourself, you just tell them what you need done and what you’re looking to achieve and they will get the best candidate(s) for you to interview and see which one will be a fit.

Another option is that you can head over to a site called UpWork. This website is a treasure trove where you can browse thousands of people to add to your team or get one of your projects done.

I’ve used both Virtual Staff Finder and UpWork and have had nothing except good things come my way. It’s easy to outsource and you can find someone today (in the next hour) to add into your business.

Time is something you can’t create more of. What you can do, though, is outsource tasks, projects, and one of your jobs to free up your time. Tinkering around trying to figure something out on your own when you could find someone to do it professionally will save time and make your brand stronger.

Don’t be the business owner who wears all hats!

Real business owners put their ego aside. If you want to make money then you need to give outsourcing a go. With the 3 tips and tricks I just went over there’s no more excuses; you can do it! I am rooting for you, my friend! 😀


I will say it one last time: Don’t waste your time on meaningless tasks in your business; focus your time and energy on networking with other leaders in your space, growing your profits, and systematizing and automating things.

The importance of focusing on the right things could boil down to you making money and you having to close your business for good.

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Thanks so much for reading. Please share with me if you’ve grown your business with outsourcing or why you’re still on the fence about hiring someone.

Talk soon,

Scott “building a team is what makes a business thrive” Hurtado