Top 10 Reasons to Become an Affiliate Marketer Today

If you’re new to affiliate marketing then you might be on the fence about whether you should become an affiliate.

Before I tell you the top ten reasons of why you should become an affiliate know this: affiliate marketing has changed my life in so many ways I can’t even find the words to express the love I have for affiliate marketing!

There are hundreds and thousands of affiliates out there everything from health, wealth, baby clothes, concert tickets, car parts, and everything else you could possible imagine.

There are also loads of benefits to promoting affiliate programs with a home-based business, here are my top 10 reasons to become an affiliate marketer.

1. Not having to create a Product or service and the costs associated with those business types. – If you have ever created a product or learned a skill to offer it as a service you might know that it takes a lot of time to master.

Not to mention it often times cost tens of thousands of dollars to have a product and loads of time to master a skill. Affiliate marketing bypasses both of these business types, and most of the time makes more money in the long run.

Another amazing thing to mention is that affiliate marketing can always adapt to the ever-changing market at the blink of an eye. If you spent months of your time to create a product or a skill set then you can’t just go ahead and change that without going through the entire process of creating and learning all over again.

For this reason alone affiliate marketing is without a doubt such an incredible thing to start for yourself, but I’m not don’t just yet keep reading on.

2. Affiliate marketing has extremely low startup costs. – It comes down to only a few things to become an affiliate marketer and that includes you having an Internet connection, a computer, and a positive mindset to want to get somewhere.

You can go get a basic computer on Amazon, or if you have no money what so ever than barrow one or go somewhere that has a free computer access. If there’s a will there’s a way trust me.

3. No stupid signup FEES! – Almost all affiliate programs are free to join, and market reach is limited only by the affiliate’s ability to promote his or her offers. If you go out and understand your affiliate offer the skies the limit with affiliate marketing.

4. You can choose from thousands of products and services to earn money from. – When you think about it almost everything you can buy in this world can be bought online. It’s not hard to find affiliate program out there that will pay you for whatever you want to promote.

Go check out sites like and you will be able to find products related to your interests and abilities giving you the upper hand when you promote the offers have interests in.

5. No special merchant accounts required to run your affiliate business. – If you have ever tried to get a merchant account to store customers names, addresses, credit card numbers, etc… than you know it’s not a fun process.

Basically, a merchant handles all payment processing for your business and most of the time you have to pay huge amounts of money to have one.

With affiliate marketing you don’t need anything of the sort, you get paid directly to your bank account, PayPal, or they will send you a check that you can deposit into your bank account. It cuts out all the hassle of the old business model of having a merchant account.

6. No stupid inventory that you have to keep on hand. – Being an affiliate marketer allows you to make money from anywhere in the world without you having to ship items. You’re the middle man in this scenario and you don’t ship anything, but you reap all the benefits that an owner has.

7. No shipping costs whatsoever. – I have owned businesses that cannot run without shipping things and it’s not fun by any means. With affiliate marketing you don’t pay for shipping costs EVER! Again it’s because you’re the middle man in this scenario.

8. No customer service, employees, or office hours/commut EVER! – Having to deal with customers, employees, and office hours suck! Affiliate marketing you do not hire employees or have customer service for your business. That’s because there’s no need for it when you’re an affiliate.

You work when you want, where you want, and with whomever, you want. Give more time to your family and friends as you save a lot of time from commuting daily by being an affiliate marketer.

9. Make money while you’re sleeping. – I don’t know of another business that will pay you while you’re sleeping? Affiliate marketing allows you to quite literally make money 24/7 every day of the year!

10. Unlimited Revenue Potential (SKIES THE LIMIT)! – Being an affiliate allows you to make any amounts of income you see fit. There’s no limit to the amounts you can make. With a normal job you will most likely max out your hourly wage, not to mention you’re more or less getting paid for the hours in which you work which sucks!

Affiliate marketing allows you to make six figures, seven figures, eight, night, or ten or more figures a year!

I have seen people drop out of school, quit their crapy job and within a few months make ten times more a year working part time with affiliate marketing!

Like I said before affiliate marketing has changed my life and theirs no reason why it can’t change yours.

As a matter of fact the only reason it won’t change your life is if you don’t take the first step yourself.

Thanks so much for reading this article, please feel free to leave your feedback on what you think about affiliate marketing and why people should become an affiliate marketer.