The Pros & Cons to Being an Entrepreneur

Becoming and being an entrepreneur isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

You don’t just get to the top without going through some rough patches along the way. I myself have been on a roller coaster ride getting to where I am now with my business.

I certainly have had my fair share of wins and losses of all kinds.

Being an entrepreneur is a bit scary at first when you make the decision to become one. However, once you take that plunge, you will find out that it isn’t so bad after all; the water is warm, nice, and soothing. The scariest part is not being in the water, but the process of getting there.

Indeed, I have heard every story out there as to why people don’t push through with their dreams of being an entrepreneur, from “I am not smart enough” to “I don’t have the time/money to become a successful entrepreneur.”
We have all kinds of excuses not to push through with going after our dreams, and if we live by those excuses, nothing will ever change in our lives, no matter how bad we want them to change.

I get sick of hearing everyone’s excuses and I’m sure you’re sick of them too. To give it to you flat out—without hype or BS—here are the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur. These are not a “guesstimation” of entrepreneurship; these are things I have lived through and experienced through my own journey to entrepreneurship.

You get to do what you actually love doing, once you figure out what that is, of course. When you’re an entrepreneur, you get to do what you like; you get to follow your vision. No one will tell you what to do. This complete autonomy is what makes an entrepreneur an entrepreneur.

It’s hard to figure out what you want to do and what you can do in the first place. It seems like you think of something and then find out later that it has been done already. If you know me, you might say I am not only just a jack of all trades, but a master as well. That’s because I have done many things in my past, everything from web design to video production, music recording, and a dozen other businesses. All my experiences made it hard for me to decide on the one thing to focus on. Others may have the opposite problem: they can’t identify one that they would do well at. So, that’s the first thing you should figure out when you want to become an entrepreneur: what you want to do? What can you do? What do you love to do?

You get to wake up any time of the day, not caring what day it is or what time. I do the same thing; when I wake up, I couldn’t care less what day or time it is, as I live on my own time. It’s why I don’t have an alarm clock.

Not having a fixed schedule can also be a hindrance. Sometimes you sleep too much, especially when you lack motivation to work, while other times, you wouldn’t have enough sleep.

You choose when you want to have a raise, not your boss, because you are your own boss. It is not like working a 9-5 job where you will always be subjected to someone else’s rules. Being your own boss lets you do whatever the hell you want, when you want. If you want to go beyond your job description, you can easily do it! ?

It can sometimes get lonely when you’re an entrepreneur, especially if you’re just starting out and you’re working a one-man team. There are no officemates to interact with, no watercooler stories to break the monotony of the day. The day can be very long especially if you have a lot of time like me. It’s actually why some people like going to work; they can hang out with people throughout the day. I would have to say this is a big bummer for me sometimes, and it’s the only thing I miss about a 9-5 job—getting to say hi to people every day and making small talk with them.

Absolute freedom with no one ever telling you what you can and can’t do, ever!

You need serious self-discipline to get anywhere if you’re an entrepreneur. Let’s face it, not everyone likes complete autonomy. Some people prefer having a structure that a day job provides. If you’re the type of person who isn’t comfortable innovating and doing things on your own, you most likely won’t get far with being an entrepreneur.

You will learn and do things you never thought possible. You will also hear of how much your business is helping others. I find it truly amazing, for example, that almost every day, people write to me about the things I have created. I can’t describe the feeling of reading their words other than it feels truly incredible to be an entrepreneur who are affecting other people’s lives.

Stress will be your constant companion in the beginning. There’s no such thing as going from a 9-5 job straight to a full-blown entrepreneurial life that earns six figures a year. It takes time to get from point A to point B and the time in-between those points will be full of stress.

For me, in order to be a REAL entrepreneur, you must like what you do, otherwise it’s just as bad as having a 9-5 job working for someone else. DON’T do things you hate because life is too short. You don’t want any regrets when you’re in your deathbed.

Being an entrepreneur is the only way to live (in my mind). If you do have a job you like then good for you. However, you will always have to answer to someone else and that’s not what life should be about.

You need to work towards something you can call your own so that you have power over every aspect of your life. If you like having a day job for the “security” (which I hear all the time), then know this: you can be fired and let go at any moment. Your entire company can be bought by another, leaving you jobless and broke.

To me that has risk written all over it. Entrepreneurship and being your own boss is way less risky because the only way you can be fired or “let go” is if you fire yourself. You also get as much out of it as you put in, which means that as long as you work hard, you’ll definitely succeed.

The bottom line is that you might be telling yourself that you like what you are doing now, despite an itchy feeling that there is more to life than spending it in a cubicle with a hundred other workers. You convince yourself it’s okay, you are settling for what you have, and merely existing rather than living. Anyone can exist in the world. Heck, the moment you are born, you already exist.

However, there is a HUGE difference between existing and actually living.

Existing is just going through life without thought or emotion. I have said this once before and let me say it again. People FAIL at things in life they didn’t even want to do in the first place. So, why not give life a chance and do the things you love doing because even if you do fail, at least you’re doing something you love.

So, stop existing and start living now!

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Here’s to your success!