Starting your Own Online Business

In the online business world there is a proven sequence of steps that you can perform to guarantee your success when you’re starting a small business online for yourself.

I have seen loads of people start and grow successful online businesses by doing the following:

  1. Find a market to fill.
  2. Create video that sells itself.
  3. Design and build an easy-to-use website.
  4. Use paid traffic to drive sales and opt-ins.
  5. Establish with world class affiliates.
  6. Follow up with your prospectors using e-mail.
  7. Increase your bottom-line through back-end sales and up-selling.

If you’re a newbie then learn more on how to guarantee your success when starting a small business online. You don’t need special skills or knowledge to build a profitable business online you just need to be willing to put in your own time and effort.

01. Find a market to fill.

Whenever trying to start an online business you need to do some research on the market. Never just go straight to promoting a product you know nothing about the market.

1. Assess your strengths & weaknesses. Not everyone is born to be a classical pianist, and, by the same token, not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur.

An “entrepreneur” is, by my definition, a person willing to take a risk with money to make money and that’s what sets us entrepreneurs apart from most people.

If that idea lights your fire, step right up, but if it frightens you in anyway, than you might want to think twice about going that direction. The fact is, entrepreneurship is a risk no matter how you weight it, and so, ironically, you have to be willing to lose some money to make some money with being an entrepreneur.

2. Choose the right direction of business. Once you have concluded that you have the temperament to start a business for yourself, the next obvious question is what sort of business do you want to pour time and money into?

When it comes to choosing a business, there are two types of entrepreneurs I have come to understand. The first type of entrepreneur is: A person who loves something so much that he or she simply must do it for a career and they will not let anything stand in their way of success.

It might be the web designer who loves the idea of starting their own web based business to sell products around the world. As long as you conclude there is a market for your beloved business ideas, than this is a fine way to go. Never pour time, money, or effort into a business that has no market to market to.

Unless you’re the type of person who wants to take that risk. The second type of entrepreneur is: A person who is not in love with a particular idea per se, but in love with the idea of entrepreneurship itself. So the bottom line is this: Whether you love a certain profession or just love an idea, pick a business that you will love.

3. Choose a Winning Plan: A professional race car driver would never race without first going through lots of pre race checks and without rigorous training. Well, your business plan is your race plan for your new startup.

Before you even open your business, you need to thoroughly think through what the business will be, why it will be unique, how you will get customers to opt into your list, how you will handle the competition, and so on.

That is your business plan & how you will gain 30 thousand subscribers. What I mean by plan is this: you need to know what your opt in page offers, how you’re going to monetize your list with affiliates, products, and services. In the nest lesson I will go over the best email marketing Software that I use and recommend you start using with building your subscribers list.

02. Create video that sells itself.

Any online business owner knows that video sells and creating video for your offers will allow you to capture more opt ins and sales it not rocket science.

03. Design and build an easy-to-use website.

Not everyone knows how to design and build a website. If you do then maybe you don’t have the time to get one up. No matter what the reasons that are holding you back from having a professional website for your offers you can always outsource it.

Outsourcing will allow you to focus on much better things.

Here are some amazing places to get things done for your business:
99 Designs
The logo company
Overnight Prints

Always focus on things that are going to create you more revenue and sales. Don’t sweat the small stuff just outsource it to someone who knows what they’re doing.

04. Use paid traffic to drive sales and opt-ins.

Getting traffic is one of the easiest parts of getting sales.

Here are a few places for you to get some amazing traffic to your offer pages:

Media Traffic
Lead Impact
Buy Sell Ads
Burst Media

I have resources of all kinds and when you subscribe I give it away for free.

05. Establish with world class affiliates

Doing this step will allow you to make money with your business like you can’t even imagine. You do this by delivering content along side a product, service, or in this case an affiliate.

You worked hard to build your business and I am sure you want your business to work for you. Working with an affiliate can always be changed out with another affiliate making it so you don’t have to wast anytime whatsoever if one affiliate doesn’t seem to work.

Now the question to be asked is what type of affiliates should you get started with to build your business around. Finding an affiliate for your business is easy you can find hundreds and thousands at places like, both have a wide selection of affiliates to choose from.

For internet marketing I would go with my Affiliate Program as I payout 75% commissions on all Sales Including the Up-Sales & Continuity Offers.

To sign up you go to the affiliates signup page here:

06. Follow up with your prospectors using e-mail

Being able to follow up with prospectors allow you to gain trust, make more sales, and so many other things. You need a tool to manage your subscribers like an email marketing software program.

The one that I use is AWeber, you can get yours through my affiliate link if you like:AWeber I use this one for many reasons, but the most importably reason is that they let you use affiliate links within your emails which you absolutely need when monetizing your subscribers list.

I recommend AWeber over all other email marketing software programs for this reason alone.

07. Increase your bottom-line through testing.

It’s not hard to get across the point of getting you to test every inch of your business. Tracking, Testing, & knowing where your money is going and how well it’s performing for you is going to allow you to make smarter decisions when you’re building your online business.

To track clicks on your links you can use tracking software like: Hyper Tracker, bud URL, or WordPress plugin like Pretty Links Pro this plugin will allow you to shrink, cloak, track, organize, share and test all of your links on your own domain and server which is what you want.

Knowing a few simple steps can make all the difference when starting your online business. To your success and best of luck to you! Cheers!