How to Repurpose your Blog Posts Like a Ninja (Get 10x More Eyes on Your Content by Working Smarter, Not Harder)

Writing content takes a lot of effort. What if you could get 10x more eyes and engagement on each price of content you create? Well, that’s where this post will help you.

I’m going to show you how to be a ninja when it comes to repurposing your content so that when you do create content, it has the biggest impact possible.

Let’s get started, shall we? 😉

Working Smarter, Not Harder

In order to start repurposing your content you need to first have content you can cut, splice and redistribute. Most of the content we create as online content creators are blog posts, but your blog post can be repurposed into dozens of things to grow your impact without you having to work harder.

Here’s what you can do with your blog posts to your reach 10x more eyes with your content:

Make your blog posts into Podcasts. For every blog post you have you can turn it into a Podcast; the content is already done, all you have to do is record it while you read it. Simple enough, right?

Your Podcast can go on iTunes, SoundCloud, and the audio can be added to your site as a downloadable lead magnet or opt in bribe.

Turn blog posts into eBooks. If you’ve spent some time creating blog post then you can surely create them into downloadable eBooks; some people would much rather read an eBook than a blog article.

There’s many times when people will exchange their email address to download a meaningful eBook but won’t take the time to read a blog. Why does this happen? Well, it’s because they feel like they’re getting something special when they have to opt-in to get the same piece of content.

I love to read and I am one of those people who would rather read a book than a blog. Having an eBook is still digital, but don’t underestimate their power.

Turn your blog posts into a physical book; if you’ve written a lot of posts then you can take all of that content and bundle them up into a great book. Look at the thought leader Micheal Hyatt, the books that he’s written have a lot of content in them from his blog. Michael Hyatt’s book Living Forawrd & Platform – Get Noticed in a Noisy World both have a bunch of content that came straight from his blog.

Make your blog post into an infographic. You can do many things with an infographic like offer them as an opt-in bribe on your site. Post them to Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.

Don’t underestimate infographics; they can play a huge part in getting your brand or name out there.

Cut and splice your blog post into small chunks for social networks. Whenever I create a blog post, I go back and take out a few dozen meaningful sentences and schedule those direct quotes to social media.

I don’t have to sit there and create tweets for the blog post, Facebook updates, or anything of the sort because they’re already in the blog post themselves. There have been times when I write a post and pull out 90 days worth of content for social networks.

You don’t have to always link the text back to the original blog post; it’s just about using the content in the post in as many ways as possible.

You can go through your old posts and I bet you’ll find a lot of short and sweet quotable phrases to use for social media. Heck, some of those little phrases can even spark new ideas that will send you on a content creation frenzy! 😀

Head over to Facebook live or Periscope and use your blog post as talking points. Live video is big right now and it can be hard to know what to talk about. Well, use your past blog posts as the content for your live broadcast.

Using your already made content for live broadcasts works like a charm!

You don’t have to mention the post word for word, just pull out the meaningful points and use them as the backbone of your content for the live feed.

Turn your blog posts into a SlideShare presentation. If you create really well-crafted blog posts that you can condense down into a SlideShare presentation, you can get some real engagement with your content.

When you repurpose your content for SlideShare just make your presentation clear, big, and one of a kind. Those SlideShare’s that have small text and are hard to read won’t do as well as the ones that are clear text and with good color pallets.

Take your past post and build it into a post series. I’ve heard bloggers say to me, “I can’t talk about that subject because I’ve already covered it before.” You can talk about the same subject in a new, deeper light.

When I first started blogging, I thought it was hard to come up with ideas because once I blogged about a subject, I never came back to it again. I was blogging and creating content wrong. If, for example, you write about fitness, there’s a million ways to talk about fitness.

Fitness comes down to eating healthy and exercising, of course, but what about creating a series of posts that tie together in a blog post series? Let me give you an example of a 3 part series on the subject of fitness.

Fitness tips for busy entrepreneurs (Part 1). This section would talk about the basics on how to get started and what to expect. How to find out what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it.

Fitness tips for busy entrepreneurs (Part 2). This is where we get a little hands-on showing some results, tools, and resources that can sustain you for life. It will also talk a little bit about how to stay fit when you’re traveling.

Fitness tips for busy entrepreneurs (Part 3). This last blog post series would really dive in deep showing them how to sustain a lifestyle of being healthy. It could also talk about how to find a meal-delivery program.

Just because you talked about fitness for entrepreneurs doesn’t mean you can create more content about that exact subject. Millions of books, blogs, and videos are created every day that go deeper on a subject. Don’t be scared to go deeper yourself and create even more compelling content for your audience.

Make a complete roll out method (multi day webinar or live presentation). When it comes to content, the ultimate diamond-in-the-rough are funnels that use what I like to call the “Roll Out” method.

You can subscribe to my free training that will illustrate exactly what I am talking about.

The only problem is how do you create a roll out? Use your existing blog content and blog post series. You can use your past content as the backbone of your presentation and then build onto the subject in your roll out method.

Planning is key when it comes to creating compelling content. If you really want to be able to repurpose your content then you should approach your content creation with repurposing in mind before you ever write a word.

For example, if you were to brainstorm on a fitness post you wanted to create, first think about how you could repurpose that content. Most authors think of a subject/idea to write about for a book that they want to do. If they dive deeper into their thought process then it’s going to be really hard for them to write more than a few pages in their idea.

Brainstorm how you could turn your idea for a fitness blog post into enough content to last 90 days.

People say content creation is just too hard to stay constant with. If you follow what I just talked about in this post, you will be able to be everywhere with your content without having to work harder (just smarter). 😉

When you repurpose content, you’re not cheating yourself. What you’re really doing is helping people by delivering it to them in the context they value most.

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When it comes to repurposing your content it’s all about context not content.

Thanks so much for reading. Please tell me how you’re repurposing your content for blog, what’s working, what’s not.

Scott “work smarter, not harder” Hurtado