New to Affiliate Marketing? 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO DO NOW!

1. Watch an affiliate webinar or learn more about the world of being an affiliate! By learning more about affiliate marketing it will allow you to make more money. If you set yourself up for success and learn as much as you possible can, then you will become successful in everything that you do.

2. Find the perfect merchant that you will build a business around. When it comes to the fast world of affiliate marketing you and I both know there are hundreds and thousands of affiliates to choose from. Anything and everything is sold online, and chances are you can sign up to be an affiliate of those things being sold and offered online.

Once you learn more about affiliate marketing then you will need to find an amazing service or product to promote to earn money from. If you know the business model well enough, then you can go to the limits of having your own website, landing pages, blog, and everything possible about that offer you have chosen.

I would like to say this though: Make sure to choose a merchant that will correspond with your interests and abilities because there’s nothing worse than building an affiliate marketing business around something you know nothing about not to mention something you don’t really care for.

3. Organize your priorities. Being an affiliate can often times make our heads hurt and I myself tend to get lost with projects. When you go out and start performing the tasks of being an affiliate don’t just jump around from one affiliate merchant to another hoping you will find success. Organize your priorities and understand what motivates you first before you start thinking about the money side of things.

When you just dive into an affiliate program with money in mind before anything else you will most likely fail. That’s because you can’t come to understand what makes people want that product or service if you yourself don’t understand that. It’s like someone just going in the stock market going after the most profitable stock there is, if you have a brain you will understand that you must understand the stock market before you invest.

However, theirs always those brave people that just bet it all and go all in on something they don’t have any idea what’s going on. Affiliate marketing is in some sense the same and you must know some basic things before you start making money and that’s where your priorities come into play.

4.Write great copy! When you start advertising your offers and affiliates, you will want to understand your copy! More specifically you want to understand what makes people click through onto your offers. If you can understand what makes your ideal customer tick within your given market, then you will win their hearts, which means you will make them become a paying customer to your offer. If you know nothing about content marketing and writing compelling ad copy, then go out and learn or see how your competitors are performing it.

5. Get some killer creatives! Good copy and good creatives go hand in hand. If you have killer ad copy then you should always have a killer creative and even if your merchant has their own creatives for you to use I say go create your own. Chances are you will see which creatives are working best and in almost all cases your own creatives will out perform theirs.

6. Understand deeply who your ideal customers are. When you go to the lengths of knowing who your offer targets then you will win every affiliate campaign you run. You should always try to go out and figure out these things about your ideal customer:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income level
  • Geographic location or size of community
  • Ethnicity
  • Education level
  • Marital status

Occupation Customer demographics are important for two separate reasons inside my business:

Affiliate development and marketing.

It’s a tedious task and no one likes to perform research on customer demographics but it’s what separates the big money earners from the non earners in affiliate marketing.

7. Get familiar with winning campaigns I always see time and time again people that keep pouring time and money into things that don’t make them anything in return when they have things that do make them a return. Just because you think it will make money doesn’t mean it will, don’t keep pouring your time and effort into losing campaigns.

Always scale up your winning campaigns and always drop the ones that are not perfuming good for you. A campaign can go one of three ways: losing a lot, breaking even, winning a lot. Always scale up the winning campaigns.

8. Double-Check your Settings! When ever you signup to an affiliate program make sure to check your setting because you want not to input a misspelled address they mail your check to. You also don’t to use a wrong number on the direct deposits bank account number. It’s always smart to double or even triple check your info that you input into your affiliate account.

9. Ask Questions! If you get lost on something then ask the merchant questions about what you’re having a hard time with. If you still seem lost, then go out to some internet marketing forums and ask the community about your problems. Forums like the WarriorForum are great places to get your questions answered if you can get them answered elsewhere.

10. Make it your own Always try to use your own personal touch with your offers. Don’t just use their generic landing pages, videos, sales copy, and whatever else. Create your own and you will see way better results, that’s because your prospectors will have new materiel offered to them.

Plus when you send traffic to an offer page right after clicking your ad you’re missing our on huge profits! Always send paid traffic to a lead capture that will allow them to opt into your email marketing software giving you the ability to marketing to them down the road.

My favorite email marketing software is AWeber, and the best landing page setup that money can buy would have to be LeadPages. Don’t settle for average within your affiliate marketing business.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope you have true success with your affiliate marketing business! Please share this article and leave your comments below.