Make $5,000+ a Week with Affiliate Marketing

Back years ago when I started my affiliate marketing business I didn’t make much each month I remember my first big check I made in one week was around $5500 dollars. It was life changing and I couldn’t believe it! However, I fluctuated from only making a few hundred a week and sometimes lower amounts for a while and I hated not hitting those big weeks.

I am sure there are hundreds of people who struggle with making the bigger payouts each week with affiliate marketing and I am here to help you bring in those bigger weeks with your payouts. There is a magic number that most people want to make every week constantly and for me that magic number was $5000.

When it comes to affiliate marketing you have to learn a lot about website traffic, sales funnels, marketing, and so many other things to make a living. When most people start out with affiliate marketing they have some other income that takes up most of their time.

Affiliate marketing isn’t for everyone but heck going to a stupid day job for the next decade to earn a living is just crazy if you ask me! Why would anyone want to do anything of the sort when they can earn 5k a week with affiliate marketing?

Here’s the Problem……

Whenever I have the chance I always ask my followers and subscribers this question:

“What is your biggest challenge with affiliate marketing?”

Almost everyone that responds back to this question, answers with something like:

“I don’t have the time.”
“I don’t earn enough.”
“I am not smart enough.”
“I don’t have enough money.”
Or some other answer that’s close to these four.

As you might already know I love to help people overcome their problems and even more so when it I have a common interest in what they’re doing. I can’t stand to sit by the sidelines and not help when people are having the same problems as I have had with affiliate marketing.

I have helped many people from all walks of life with affiliate marketing, websites, graphics, and everything else to do with making money online. The things I am going to talk about in this article are not just theory they’re true things I have gone through with my business and I can say that what you will read here works because I am living proof.

Most people who earn or try to earn through the means of affiliate marketing have the same problem for the most part. Here are just a few real life struggles most affiliate marketers have:

• The paid traffic sources are just to expansive leaving no meat on the bone in the end for the affiliate.
• They can’t seem to find a good affiliate to work with.
• They get burned out on the day to day operations.
• They have a hard time going out and taking a risk.

When I started my affiliate marketing business I personally found affiliate marketing to be difficult – the mindset shift anyways. That’s because most affiliate marketers want the money part to just happen overnight. The crazy thing is that you can’t expect to make money at all if you can’t ever overcome the employee mentality we are all raised by which is to go to school, get a job, work for the man, take vacations when you have vacations, and everything else an employee job is, and that includes earning terrible money.

Know Hope, Have Hope, & Be Hope.

Whenever I come across someone that has the “I don’t earn enough” Problem, I always as them these questions about their affiliate marketing business:

“Tell me about how your affiliate marking business is setup?”
“What’s your monthly budget?”
“Tell me about the affiliate you’re working with?”
“How is your sales process setup?”

For the most part all of these people tend to have an average affiliate that pays out well but they know nothing about it, never tried it out for themselves, they don’t have much money to work with and that’s because they don’t earn much to begin with.

As far as their “sales process” it’s setup some whack way that not even I can understand, but somehow it makes sense to them.

In most cases when an affiliate marketer gets a sale through an affiliate link they will be paid out for their efforts, but that’s only half of the story. What about consolations, waiting times, and everything else that comes with affiliate sales?

In some cases people may just buy through some shady affiliate link you provided to them in form or another. The thing is that the person who bought an item through your link has no credibility or trust. In some cases the link is gone unnoticed which is fine but most of the time it’s noticed because most affiliate marketers have an affiliate link that goes straight to the buy page.

If you are performing your affiliate marketing business like this then no wonders why you’re not earning much of a living. Most affiliate marketers just throw in the towel at this point and give up because they don’t want to take the risk of losing more when they just don’t see things working out.

It either goes one way or another for most affiliates and that’s either one they give up or two, they go through this terrible process so many times making the pressure of things questions their process.

Well, it might sound cliche, but I think now is a good time to change your process to hit those 5k weeks consistently with your affiliate commissions.

A Better Process to Affiliate Marketing

A few Years ago I went through a painful time with my affiliate marketing business. I tried to grow my business by signing up with some terrible affiliates, I won’t tell the names of the affiliate but lets just say they tell you they payout “100% commissions” which is a lie among other things. I didn’t care that they didn’t really payout 100% commissions what I cared about in the end is that I wasted a lot of time on building up my affiliate business with a company I didm;t believe in.

I hated their products and everything they stood for. I did make killer money from their commissions structure but I felt terrible about building a business upon lies and something I only joined to make money with. I was able to change the outcome of my business and life by dropping them and doing something I truly believed in. When I started in going in that direction I promised myself that I would run a business that I myself be levied in.

Listen to me when I tell you this. Yes, you can make money doing affiliate program you don’t believe in. However, in the end you won’t be able to sleep at night because you’re doing something you don’t believe in. It’s no better than your dead end job, the only difference is the money you’re making at the end of the day really. Money isn’t everything trust me.

Now if you believe in something like how I do about affiliate marketing, but don’t know everything about the business? Then go out and find some mentors, attend some webinars, subscribe to this site, read book, watch vides, join affiliate marketing seminars, and fill your world with whatever it is you feel passionate about.

The world is an incredible place and you can literally find what you want within a matter of seconds! It’s called the internet! However, when I look around on the internet for affiliate marketing, I see only a very small amount of quality information about affiliate marketing.

By all means it takes a good eye to know what’s good and whats terrible information when it comes to affiliate marketing. When you perform affiliate marketing incorrect it’s going to be extremely hard to reach anywhere close to 5k a week with your affiliate commissions.

When it comes to performing consistent 5k weeks you have to approach it like anything else in life: learn how to do it first, then learn how to do it better, and lastly keep striving to do it better each and every day.
With all that said let’s get started.

1. You must get ultra specific with your market and affiliate with what you do (and don’t do).

Most affiliate marketers are stuck with an ever growing problem they don’t even know about. The thing that most affiliate marketers do is try to target everyone with their offer and that’s because they think:

“If I target everyone than they will be interested, nothing can go wrong with me doing this right?”

First off most people in business in general will fail horrible if they try to target anyone and everyone. Why though? It’s because you will be trying to target everyone not really knowing how to speak their language of persuasive. For instance you and I get bombarded with ads, offers, products, and services, all day everyday.

Most of them are not targeted to us directly but some of those offers grasp are attention and make us want them. Why do some of those offers do that? It’s because some of those offers are meant for us and it strikes our interests. Let me break it down for you.

Lets say we have a health offer that does help people lose weight super fast and naturally. You would think that this kind of offer would appeal to most people but, here’s where it gets interesting. No matter what no offer apply’s to everyone and that’s because our health offer won’t apply to people who are already healthy. Some people might be thinking well who cares?

You will care because you will be wasting your time, money, and efforts with trying to put your offer into the eyes of people who your offer doesn’t apply to.

By not being ultra specific about who your market is you will be losing a lot of money and wasting loads of precious time you can never get back.
The good news is that it’s really easy to get ultra specific with your marketing efforts.

Step 1
Understanding your market in a way that you never thought possible. This is achieved by understating the following:

● Gender
● Age
● Income level
● Geographic location or size of community
● Ethnicity
● Education level
● Marital status
● Occupation

Customer demographics are important for two separate reasons inside our type of business: Affiliate development and marketing which is what makes you hit those 5k income weeks consistently. You should have a knowledgeable grasp on your ideal customer before you start any kind of traffic or social media campaign.

Step 2
Have a set plan & strategy that can allow you to put your offer into the eyes of your ideal costumer. Your strategy could be writing blog posts with affiliate links within them, paying for traffic through Facebook, Google, Aol, or setting up a youtube channel to create videos that talk about your offer. There are hundreds of ways in which you can setup a strategy but none the less have strategy.

The last thing you should do is go out and perform ten different strategy’s all at once. Doing this will will make a few things happen.
First: make you lose your mind because you have to manage tens strategy at once.

Two: not give you the best results with testing because you have to many things going at once.

& Lastly: give you the lowest return on investment (ROI) because you’re trying to do many things at once.

Always have a plan & strategy that does’t stretch you to thin. If you have a limited budget than maybe use the free time you do have for other usefulness.
Also a tip to remember is to have a reasonable set time for your plan and strategy that you’re setting into place.

If you’re going to have a paid traffic campaign then you must allow 2-4 weeks of advertising in place to allow you enough data to look at for testing and optimizing. You can’t just go out and think one day of advertising will get you to hit the 5k a week in commissions. You must have reasonable expectations about your strategy and your time frame.

Create the Value Proposition

Most marketers fall shows when providing a good amount of value when trying to get someone to perform their conversion. You have to come to understand building a relation ship and better yet a long lasting relationship is what you want within your affiliate marketing business.

If you just go out offering product “x” today, then next week product “y”, and next month product z. You’re most likely not providing ant value to the world you’re just being irritating. As an affiliate when you start to create a compelling value proposition, consider the following four steps: Define, Evaluate, Measure and Build.

Step 1: Define
In affiliate marketing you must think of it much like being in real-estate. A real-estate agent doesn’t own the houses they set people up with and they didn’t take part in building the houses their job is to define the the buyers wants, needs, interests, and everything else.

In order to have a truly unique value proposition involves what I like to call the 4Us. If you find yourself answering a definitive yes to the majority of these questions, then you are on the right path toward a compelling value proposition for your affiliate offer. If not, consider re-evaluating and revising your affiliate offer.

So what are these 4Us?

Unworkable, Unavoidable, Urgent, and Underserved.

These 4Us bring me back to the point of knowing your ideal customer but it goes a little more in depth of understanding so let me illiterate on the subject.

The first is the problem Unworkable? Does your affiliate offer fix a broken process where there are ways to make someones problem go away? Will someone use what ever means necessary because your offer makes an unworkable problem disappear. *If the answer is yes – then that person will likely be your internal champion with your affiliate business.

Next is the Unavoidable? Meaning is their problem unavoidable and is that unavoidable problem driven by a mandate with implications associated with governance or regulatory control? For example, is it driven by a fundamental requirement for accounting or compliance? *If the answer is yes – then that group will likely be a champion with your affiliate business.

Is the problem Urgent? Is it one of the top few priorities that a person needs to fix in a urgent time frame? In offering something to someone, you’ll find it hard to command the attention of someone to get them to take action. If you offer says “Get this incredible product today, tomorrow, or next year we don’t really care” you can’t really expect them to care cause there’s no Urgency whatsoever. *If the answer is yes “it’s urgent” – then you know you’ll have the attention of your prospectors and this will result in them taking action.

The last “U” is if it’s Underserved? Is there a empty abyss of nothingness in terms of solutions that aren’t solutions at all to the offer you have? Focus on the whitespace in your market and affiliate offer. What I mean by this is if your offer has some solutions but could use more than it’s your duty to create a new solution to the problem. If you’re in a market that already has every solutions you can think of then you have to do one of two things, one move onto something that has more whitespace or two create a unique solution out of the solutions that already exist. *If the answer is yes there is whitespace and the market is underserved – then you know the market is primed for the solution.

Step 2: Evaluate
After you determined the problem you’re solving and validated a possible solution, ask yourself: What is unique and compelling about your breakthrough solution that you can illustrate to the market? A useful approach is to think of your breakthrough in the context of the “3Ds”:

What unique combination of (D)iscontinuous innovation, (D)efensible technology, and (D)isruptive business models are you bringing to the table. Now what makes your combination of the “3Ds” truly compelling that people will kill for your affiliate offer. I am not talking about you and your colleagues killing to have it, but to your most skeptical ideal customers?
Discontinuous innovations – offer transformative benefits over the status quo by looking at a problem differently then most people do.

Defensible technology – offers intellectual property that can be protected to create a barrier to entry and an unfair competitive advantage to the ideal costumer.

Disruptive business models – yield value and cost rewards that help catalyze the growth of a business. If you can get your hands on promo codes that your affiliate might have available to you. Or keep an eye out for when they do promotions and ride that wave of success with them. Simply having a product or service that is faster, cheaper and better is not enough to make it compelling. Many affiliate products and services have the best cuting edge stuff out there. Just always make sure to evaluate it in the “3D” I just illustrated and talked about to you and then you will really be able to open up the potential that the offer has.

Step 3: Measure
Always go in with having your potential customer adoption using the Gain/Pain Ratio. Most entrepreneurs are so focused on the features and only the features when they deliver an offer they forget to examine how hard it will be for customers to learn to use the product all together.

So the Gain/Pain ratio involves measuring the gain you deliver the customer vs. the pain and cost for the customer to adopt to. As an investor, I look for non-disruptive disruptions: technologies that offer game-changing benefits with minimal modifications to existing processes or environments that allow ease of use no matter what the market may be.

Simply put: disruptive innovation would ideally be non-disruptive to adopt to. Non-disruptive is critical to startups and affiliate marketing since the gain you deliver will also be discounted by the risk associated with betting on you as a young affiliate marketer. A successful affiliate marketing business delivers an order of magnitude improvement over the status quo. If you can’t deliver a 10x gain/pain promise, customers will typically default to “do nothing” rather than bearing the risk of following through with the offer you have.

Step 4: Build
Once you have gone through the defining, evaluating and measuring steps, you are ready to BUILD your value proposition, and here is the mindset that you should follow:

Always target customers who are dissatisfied with the current alternative and make your offer provide solutions to the problem unlike anything they have ever seen before.

Create Little Bits of Gold with your affiliate Offer

Having an offer that seems to get good conversions isn’t good enough to make money like the big boys in affiliate marketing. You have to give them GOLD within your offer. Many affiliate marketing programs already have their marketing material created and written for you.

However, most of the time that content is terrible and even if it’s good you have to come to understand there are hundreds if not thousands of other affiliates using that content that’s offered to the affiliates. Chances are that content has already been put in front of the eyes of the ideal costumer and that’s why you should create your own GOLD content.

This could be in many forms and when I have a new offer I tent to go all out with having my own content compared to using the pre made stuff that the advertiser already has. That’s because I can test, change, create, and optimize my content. I can’t go out and change there content because they don’t allow you to change it.

No matter what affiliate product or service you are working with you can and should create your own: landing pages, ad copy, videos, option pages, newsletter, and everything else to do with that offer.

Everything that you put into your offer that sets it about the rest will allow you to narrow your focus and remove the clutter from your offer that could distract your visitors from taking the action you want them to take.

The Skies the Limit with your Affiliate Marketing Business

Taking the extra steps with your affiliate marketing business will allow you to get huge gains! Taking the initiative will get you those 5k, 10k, and before you know it you could be landing 20k a week every week with your affiliate marketing business.

Getting affiliate commissions in itself is an amazing feeling, but to implement everything in this post into your affiliate marketing business will allow you to really start to grow your business yielding you more weekly income which will result in you being able to have a bigger budget to work with. This will let you scale up your affiliate business resulting in you getting more out of your affiliate business than you could ever dream of getting.

I have gone through so much with affiliate marketing that I am now able to approach it with an expert mindset. In no means do I consider myself an expert because I am always learning and growing from the results I have, but I always build value for each offer I have. After I create value I back that up with a great process, and I am then able to put in bits of GOLD that capture my ideal costumers hearts. Not only do I get more commissions I also have the ability to control the entire process from start to finish.

If you are struggling to break the five thousand dollar mark with your affiliate commissions every week month or even every year. All you have to do is start somewhere, you can simply get started by doing just one action above. It might not happen overnight, but with hard work it won’t be long until you start closing those larger earnings every week.

Last thing I can’t stress enough is to never give up. Failure is only a result of giving up.