How to Get a Crap Load of Stuff Done without Working Harder

Why do some people seem to get things done in a fraction of the time compared to the rest of us? Let me share with you a simple process that can help you to achieve more without working harder.

Getting stuff done without working harder sounds like magic. However, there is a science to it. 😉

The 10,000 hour rule.  It’s been said that in order to become good at anything you need to practice for 10,000 hours.

If we look throughout history, people seem to pop into our heads that we think are naturally talented. However, all of them, as talented as they may be, had to practice. More importantly, they had a process to their practice.

It’s the workflow, the process, and the execution part that matter most. What you can’t do is try to work on 10 projects at once, thinking that they will get done fast. If you want to learn or master a skill, then you need to think about the process of that practice.

For example, if you look at a brain surgeon, they don’t teach the practice in the wrong way. They’ve got the process down to learn the skill. My father is a great example of someone who seems to bend the physics of the world. When someone hires him to get a job done, he just works as if time itself has stopped.

He makes it seem like he moves at light speed. It’s a sight to be seen because words can’t describe.

My father, just like many before him, has the process down. And for those of you wondering what type of work he does, he own his own landscaping business.

Here’s three simple steps you should work towards to get really good at getting stuff done in a fraction of the time:

1—Master the Process. It’s just as import to get the process down as it is to practice what you’re learning. If you learn something in the wrong way, it will most likely take you twice as long to master it, if not longer. Before you try to take a project, think about the process first. For example, when workers lay down a new section of road, they first have to remove the old road. What you won’t see them doing is bringing a bunch of fresh dirt for the new road. Why? Well, they would have to move that dirt more than once. They’ve mastered the process and they make it look effortless when laying down new pavement. Master the process and you will become a master practitioner in getting stuff done.

2—Have a purpose when you practice. If you want to become a master at your work, then you need to have a purpose. A lot of people like to think the more hours you work, the more stuff you’ll get done. Although this does work some of the time, there’s a better way to go about it. When you have a purpose about the work you’re wanting to get done, it will serve you far better than when you put in countless hours. You need to practice with purpose. When you have a purpose, you will have the power of focus. Being focused in anything you do will cut the time you work almost in half (this is a big reason why some people get it done in half the time).

3—Always be learning. There have been countless times where I looked back and saw that my process wasn’t all that great and then I took another step to learn more. As children we oftentimes have to learn the hard way when doing something. There are times when we do something for years, later to find out it we were doing it wrong. Wasting time is never a good idea because you can’t ever get time back. When you seek to further your knowledge, you become more wise. You might have your process down and get stuff done in a good amount of time, but still seek to improve that process and you will be surprised with the outcome.

We all want to become experts at getting stuff done. The truth is that you can’t control time, nor can you have the time back that you wanted. So you must practice with a purpose and more important, practice the process. A great book that I highly recommend you pick up is called The One Thing by Gary Keller. Gary’s book will help you further the understanding of mastering your productivity.

Anyone that’s willing to put in a few hours can master their productivity. It might take you a few tries, but the day will soon come around where time seems to stop and you get a month’s worth of work done in a single day.

Thanks so much for reading. Please share with me your madness to your process. Are you working to the highest of your productivity limits? Let me know in the comments section below.

Scott “productivity is my secret weapon” Hurtado