How I Used LeadPages to Rack UP 19 thousand Leads in 25 Days!

I get asked almost daily about LeadPages. (What is it? How do I use it? And why use it?)

I have created videos on LeadPages, but I’ve never really given any insights into the results I’ve obtained with this tool and why it’s so valuable to my business.

I suggest you pay attention to this post ’cause it’s got some damn good insights and advice. Not to mention that the headline of this post says it all: How I used LeadPages to rack up 19,000 leads in 25 days!

Now just to illustrate, gaining that many subscribers in that short amount of time is nothing short of a miracle, so let’s get to it!

What exactly is LeadPages and why you should care!

I am sure you have come across your fair share of landing pages asking you to give out your email address to get something in return. For example, an eBook, free video, or someone asking for your email to have you subscribe to their newsletter.

Here’s a great example of a landing page that was created with LeadPages:


Now I know what you’re thinking — I don’t know how to build websites, landing pages, opt-in pages, etc…

Well, with the LeadPages tool you don’t have to build anything using code. No HTML, CSS, Javascript, or anything. The tool lets you build everything with a few simple clicks of your mouse, which is going to not only save you time, but also a lot of money.

If you were to outsource your landing pages you would pay anywhere from $300-$800 for each landing page! That starts to add up when you want to create multiple versions and split test your landing pages.

LeadPages lets you create an unlimited amount of landing pages for one monthly or yearly cost! Don’t hire someone to create your landing pages at a per page cost because you’re throwing money away big time.

What LeadPages is not:
The LeadPages tool isn’t something that you use for your blog platform. I recommend WordPress for your website blog. LeadPages isn’t the same thing as your email marketing software (AWeber is what I use for my email marketing). However, LeadPages does connect with your email marketing software, which is exactly what you want.

LeadPages helps you get more subscribers just like I’ve been able to (19,000 leads in 25 days!), but does not allow you to send regular emails to your list. Sending emails to your subscribers is what AWeber is used for.

Why you need LeadPages

I used to own a web design business and I know how to build a website using old methods (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP), but I would have a full-time job on my hands having to code everything, not to mention how many landing pages I have, which is in the hundreds now.

LeadPages lets you do the following when you open an account with them:

1. Create landing pages

Above is an example of one of my landing pages that I created through LeadPages.

They have HUNDREDS!


Landing pages is a given and I know I just told you that you can have your own landing pages up and running in 5 minutes. However, this is not even scratching the surface.

You can also host your live events/webinars on LeadPages.

Webinars are a moneymaker for my business and many other businesses out there and that’s for one reason — the ability to connect with people like no other strategy.

How do you think I got 19k leads in such a short amount of time. It surely wasn’t by chance or luck. It was from doing live events and delivering EPIC value to those who need help.

Here’s an example of an opt-in page I’ve used in the past from LeadPages:


This opt-in page is created to get people into the live event.

From the stuff I have created online for myself, my clients, and my business — live events do very well.

2. Send content upgrades automatically
First, what exactly are “content upgrades” and why should you care to have them automatically sent to someone.

Well, a content upgrade is something you use to bribe someone to get onto your lists. For example, you could be a health blogger that writes a post on 7 ways to lose belly fat and then within the post itself use a content upgrade that will give someone the tools you use to lose 15 pounds in 15 days.

I love content upgrades and I will give you a real example using my 10k a Month Blueprint eBook. Just check out the image below (click it and you will see what I mean):


Now if you click that image above it will open a LeadPages opt-in form that will ask for your name and email. Once you enter your details it will take you to the page that asks you to confirm your email.

Once someone confirms, LeadPages will automatically deliver my eBook to the recipient. And … the person will now get my email newsletters delivered to them too.

You see, with a content upgrade you want to entice someone to get onto your list and using a free content upgrade is a great way to build your list. LeadPages makes the process even smoother because it will automatically send the piece of content to their email regardless of what list you’re adding them to in your email marketing software.


3. Create opt-in boxes
LeadPages lets you create the opt-in boxes that you saw when clicking the image above (10k a Month Blueprint).

People are much more likely to opt-in through an opt-in box because it looks like you can just download the item without having to enter your details. The opt-in box has been proven to outperform the standard style of opt-in.

Here’s a picture of what I am talking about when I say “old style” opt-in form:


As you can clearly see, it’s asking you for your info before any action is taken.

With the content upgrade I inserted above (10k a Month Blueprint), it looks as if all you have to do is click the image and you will be taken to a download page. Even though that’s not the case, you will reach a far better opt-in rate with that style of opt-in than compared to the “old style.”

The reason behind this is that the “old style” is asking for something upfront and the other looks as if it’s giving you something before asking you to enter your details.

I know it might seem like not that much difference, but I have split tested this myself on many occasions and I have seen 35% higher success rate with a pop-up opt-in form.

4. Collect email subscribers using text messaging
LeadDigits is amazing because let’s say, for example, you want to advertise somewhere like radio where it isn’t as easy to get people to take action as say Facebook where you have the power of images.

When you advertise on the radio or even podcasts you can’t make people think twice about getting onto your list. So LeadDigits can come in handy when you’re limited to only a few lines like on a business card, podcast, and radio.

Text “GETITFREE” to 44222 and you will be opted in to my free training. Give it a try and you will see what I mean. 😉

5. Let subscribers join with a single click
Inside LeadPages they have a handy little tool known as LeadLinks that allows subscribers to join your list or sublist, or subscribe to a webinar with a single click.

Not everyone will be interested in your main offer and there’s no better way to get more out of your list than to put the right people on the right list and with LeadLinks you have the ability to do just that without asking people to subscribe to a different list.

I might be speaking a Chinese language to some of you right now, but let me explain. Let’s say, for example, I have a service that helps people to get fit. I have a lot of subscribers that opt in to my list, but what about those people who are more advanced?

They need to be placed on a different subscribers list because I don’t think they will care to bite on what I’m offering them. So to do this you would use LeadLinks within your email, asking those that are more advanced to get something that will help them.

This is known as segmenting your list.

If you want to maximize your earnings through your email newsletter then you want to have groups of subscribers on specific follow-ups. You will 10x your income right there.

It’s like someone raising their hand. When you send out an email that asks about a-b-c then those that take action on a, b, or c will be placed on those lists because they raised their hand.

For example, in my list I ask how much money do you currently make online monthly?

Now if someone doesn’t click any of the three they will stay on the same list. However, if someone clicks any of the three then I know where to put them.

Why would I care to do this, you ask?

Well, for starters someone that makes $5,000+ a month is much more likely to want to learn about my more advanced stuff than someone just starting out. It’s tailored to the subscriber.

I highly recommend that you segment your list.

LeadPages is hands down something I couldn’t do without in my business. Not only do they offer the things above, they also have thank you pages, upsale pages, launch pages, split testing, and much more!

In this short 25 day run I brought in over 700 leads a day!

Those are some great numbers and it’s not hard to do when you have great tools like LeadPages! Head over to LeadPages and get your own account — tell them I sent you. 😉


Let me know how your subscriber growth is coming along. What’s working; what’s not? Let me help and ask your questions in the comments below.

Scott “the money is in the list” Hurtado