Here's How I Make 20k+ a Month Online

I get lots of emails and social messages everyday asking how I make the kinds of money I do online.

The funny thing is that my entire site already shows people—and step by step, too—what I do and how I am able to bring in more than $20,000 a month. However, I do understand that not everyone has hours of time to learn everything I have in my site.

With that, I wrote this article to show you exactly how I am able to bring home the bacon in friendly, newbie terms.

Simply speaking, I earn my money online through a number of different ways which are all completely legitimate.

Let me explain….

I have a partnership with companies that have products and services, one of which is Bluehost which is a hosting company that you can build your website on.

What Bluehost does is provide you with the service to host your website for a yearly fee.

My role is to promote Bluehost through paid advertising streams and through my email list of subscribers. I set up campaigns, both paid and unpaid, to get people to purchase Bluehost through my affiliate link.

My affiliate link records any sale made through my promotion.

When people purchase Bluehost hosting after clicking through my promotion (i.e., my affiliate link), I get paid by Bluehost. This is known as “affiliate marketing.”

Simply put, I get paid commissions by Bluehost every time I get a sale.

There are many other companies aside from Bluehost that I am signed up with as an affiliate. What’s amazing about this for you as a beginner is that becoming partners with huge companies like Bluehost is completely free to do.

There’s an affiliate program for every company out there. If you have been following me and have been on my site for some time, you most likely already know about affiliate marketing.

Let me dig a little deeper into how I bring in my monthly income. It might get a little technical so pay attention. ?

I have my Bluehost partnership that pays me affiliate commissions. What I never do is run traffic straight to the Bluehost signup page or any affiliate that I have.

Instead, I create an entire funnel to get the most from the promotions I am running.

Targeted traffic/promotion towards something related to hosting, something like the “web platform WordPress”.

The promotion I create will direct the traffic to an opt-in page.

My opt-in page offers readers an eBook to download in exchange for their email address. Once they opt in to download the eBook, video, webinar, etc… they’re told to verify their email address to get the opt-in bribe.


They log into their email and click the verification link and this is where I can either send them directly to the opt-in bribe to be downloaded/watched.

Usually, I just send people to the download/watch page because I have seen that sending them right to the buy page gets fewer sales.

Here’s the beauty in all this.

I now have their email address to send out emails to whenever I like (as long as they don’t unsubscribe, which only happens to about 2% of a well-groomed subscribers list).

What this all means is that I can set up an automated email list for the promotion that’s related to the campaign I was running.

For example, using the Bluehost campaign, I would send them automated emails explaining the importance of web design, hosting, and how to build WordPress sites.

After building a relationship with the people on that list, I would then deliver my Bluehost affiliate link to those who are interested in hosting.

You can’t build a website without hosting so why not use the hosting I recommend?

Then I deliver my affiliate link.

Now, I’m sure you might be wondering: why wouldn’t I just tell them to buy it right away when they subscribe?

Well, that’s because people are 10 times more likely to buy something once they can see the value and worth of the product/service. If you explain how web hosting works and what the best ways to build a site are, and then tell them you use Bluehost for your own businesses, they too would want to use it.

Advertising is everywhere, and people get told to buy this and that every second of every day. When you build trust and tell a story through an autoresponder, people are more likely going to respond positively. It will end up much more beneficial to you and improve your conversions (i.e., sales).

Showing people the value of your affiliate offer will get more of them to buy.

If they don’t buy, it’s not a loss for you. You can just start the process over with a different product to get them hooked on. You build up persuasion and scarcity in your autoresponder to get them wanting the product you’re pitching to them.

Indeed, there’s a lot that goes into all this stuff, but once it’s all set up, it will go like clockwork, getting you sales and conversions with little or no effort at all.

In the end, making $20k+ a month isn’t hard. Trust me.

There have even been times when I have pulled in more than $20,000 in a single day because I had my funnel and research in place. I didn’t get there immediately, of course. I had to work long and hard before I reached that level.

Believe me, building a business online doesn’t happen overnight. If someone tells you that you can strike gold in a day, run in the opposite direction. They don’t know what they’re talking about.

I have been in this industry for over ten years now and I’m still trying to strike gold overnight. It might happen at some point, but I am not counting on it.

Things of great value take more than 24 hours to build. As the old saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Here’s the best advice I can give you with regards to reaching your goals.

One: Figure out what makes you wake up in the morning. Is it helping others? Is it seeing and kissing your loved ones? Or maybe is it just because you want to see what happens every day?

No matter what it is, you have to find your who/why in life. If you can’t figure it out, my site has a lot of ideas you can consume to help you figure out your “who/why.”

Two: Once you have figured out your “who/why,” start working towards it.

If you love to write and want to publish a book, for example, then start writing. Don’t let anything stop you from doing that. Buy some books on how to write better or how to self-publish. You can also read some of my articles regarding writing. As a matter of fact, read and consume everything you can get your hands on because it will help you obtain your goals faster.

Showing people who you are and why you do what you do is easy. You just have to figure out what it is first.

I’m not lucky and I surly wasn’t rich when I started my entrepreneurial path. All I did was learn then try and lastly polish my efforts after learning. Of course I failed at things, but that didn’t stop me. Look how far I have come from starting out knowing nothing whatsoever about earning online.

Three: Build a website related to your newfound passion. Start building a list of subscribers and get your name out there. I don’t care who you are or what you do; just having a website and a list of your own is a great investment already. If you want to show people you matter, there’s no better place to do that than within your own website and newsletter.

I bet you saw this coming: I recommend Bluehost for hosting and I use AWeber for my newsletter.

You see what I did there?

I showed you the fundamentals on how I am able to make the kinds of money I do, and I also showed you the power of Bluehost. Now I am telling you to go and buy a hosting account for yourself.


Because you can make the same money that I do, and what’s more, you will achieve it doing what you love too, once you figure out your “who/why” and apply it into your business like I have.

Yeah, there’s a lot you need to learn along the way and you will experience bumps on the road as well. However, you don’t have to stress yourself too much because I am your mentor and I am here to help you. I started from the bottom, too, and I didn’t know anything then.

You’re already ahead of where I was when I first started, my friend.


Well, because you have me as your mentor. ?

I love helping people step into their greatness and build a life that they have always dreamed of.

You already have the first steps you need to take to achieve your goals. To reiterate:

  1. Find your “who/why.”
  2. Start working towards your “who/why.”
  3. Set up a website, get a hosting account through Bluehost, and sign up for an email autoresponder through AWeber to start building your empire.

Start working towards these three steps and in no time at all, you will soon have a business that works day and night for you.

I will be posting some more in-depth stuff on how I pull in my numbers each month, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading this article. I hope you have an amazing day!

Scott “humbled” Hurtado