Email Marketing Checklist

So you have a website up and running and have an email service provider (ESP).

You have an opt-in form placed on your website to get people into your list.
And you have taken the time to create an amazing auto-responder series for everyone who becomes a subscriber so that they all receive a great experience by being on your list.

All of these things are great, and you should always take the time to set these things up right. However when it comes to email marketing you’re probably just scratching the surface with what’s possible.

Here’s a list of things that you should never overlook with your email marketing efforts.

1. Well Planned & Well Placed Opt-in Forms throughout your Site.

When it comes to getting people into your list, it all comes down to your opt in forms. If you don’t have them on your site in well planned spots along side having them well designed then you can’t really move onto other steps.

You might have the most amazing auto-responder series setup but what’s the point when you don’t have anyone opting in?

Most people create a blog and have a site up and running for a long time before we have an auto-responder setup, and I urge you to set up a email marketing account as soon as possible meaning today.

I am going to assume you have a site up and running, and plenty of blog posts up that have gotten lost in the archives of your blog. This is where your post just get older and your site just pushes them further down the line of anyone being able to find them like how they could have when they were first created.

There’s a few things that you can do to get those past blog posts to work for you.

First is you need to find the past blog post pages that have received the most traffic and you can do this by checking your analytics software to see clearly which posts have received the most engagement.

Once you have been able to determine the blog post pages that have received the most engagements and views you can then insert some opt-in forms within this page.

This is going to allow you to have people opt into your list directly form the pages that are getting the most engagement on. Most people just through an opt in form in the sidebar, but I urge you to see what pages are getting viewed the most and you should then throw some opt in forms into them.

I go to the extent to make sure every blog post has an option to become a subscriber at the end of each blog post. I also have subscribe buttons throughout the site to make sure at any given moment a visitor has the option to opt in without doing much work at all. The easier you make it the more you will see results.

2. Have a Two-Step Opt-in Process

If you have no idea what a two-step opt-in process looks like then let me explain how it works and why it’s so incredible to have.

A two-step opt-in process works like this:

Instead of showing an email and/or name field directly on your webpage asking for them to subscribe or opt-in. You would instead show a button that has some type of call to action on it. When they click the button, a small pop-up box (or “lead box”) will appear , which then asks for them to input their information. Like this:

This allows for you to put into the visitors mind you’re not asking for anything up front so they feel more inclined to click the button. For example, you could have two different types of opt-ins to download an ebook and get them to opt-in.

One opt-in would have a form that displays the name and email form and the other using the two-step opt-in process. Most people will assume that when they see the button, it will be an instant download, so they are more inclined to click it.

The form that shows the name field and email field will turn off many people because they know you instantly want something from them. That’s why the 2 step opt-in works so damn well.

In all honesty it’s not all that easy to setup a two-step opt-in form.
That’s why I love LeadPages because they have an amazing tool called LeadBoxes. This tool allows you to create a two-step opt-in process in a mater of minutes without having to learn any coding languages you also don’t even need an image or button to call the pop-up – you can just have it be a link with some text.

Between having a two-step opt-in process on your forms you also want someone entering their info to be a confirmed opt-in. This is where they subscribe then go into their email account to confirm their subscription by clicking the link within the email that’s sent to them from your email marketing software.

Why is a Confirm Opt-in Important?

Most internet marketers think by having another step in the process of them subscribing, they will not have as many people signing up as they can. It’s a well known fact that the more you ask someone to do when subscribing the less and less they will get to the end.

You must understand that even known there is an extra step with the confirmed opt-in process, but the fact of the matter is that it actually benefits you more than it hurts you.

When subscribers are required to go the extra step by confirming their email, there is actually more than a 110% increase on clicks within your emails and website than compared to a single opt-in email process. Another reason why the confirmed opt-in process is the way to go is that the emails you send out have more of a chance of heading to the subscriber’s inbox rather than their spam folder.

You will have so much more engagement when someone has to confirm their email. Always setup your AWeber account or what ever email marketing software with the confirmed opt-in feature on.

AWeber makes this process really easy by allowing you to simply turn this feature on or off. You can turn this feature off or on by going into AWeber and going to your List Settings > Confirmed opt-in.


3. Create a Custom Thank You Page / Confirm your Email Page

When you have a confirm opt-in process it won’t do much good if you don’t tell the person to check their email for the link you sent them. In order for them to opt in they have to check their email and then click the link within the email.

The best way to make sure that they check their email is to one: thank them for subscribing and then tell them they’re almost done…. As you can see the example below it tells them to check their email.


As you can see it visually shows you what the link will look like when you open the email. You can set up a thank you page in no time at all, and this will allow you to direct your visitors that opt-in to confirm their subscription.

Inside AWeber, you can set your custom opt-in page within your form setting:


4. Create Custom Thank You Page / Success Page

When someone goes through the entire process of: opting-in, confirming their email by clicking onto the link within their email you should then send them off to a success page notifying them that they have successfully confirmed their email.

Every page you create is an opportunity for you to keep them engaged. Each time they keep moving through onto the last step you have truly captured their attention. As you can see this was an older success/thank you page that let people download a 20% off promo code to use on our site.


It’s simple to setup a success page that will send your visitor to once they click the link within their email. Inside AWeber, you will find it under: List Options > Confirmed Opt-in.

5. Create Custom “Already Subscribed” Page

Much like the success and thank you pages you create you should take the time to create an “Already Subscribed” page that will let someone know when they have already opted-in to your email list.

Inside AWeber, you can set this up within: Sign Up Forms > Settings


Why make them do something they have already done? If they have become a subscriber already by default they will land on a page that’s really basic and dull!

Don’t make them feel like they don’t matter, create a already subscribed page telling them that they’re already on the newsletter and you thank them for taking the time our of their day to subscribe.

6. Remind People WHEN and WHY They Subscribed

As you might already know I subscribe to many email newsletter to see how they’re marketing through email. I do this for many reasons, but the biggest reason is to learn what not to do when email marketing for myself.

Most affiliate marketers and Internet marketers in general try to just sell you and do nothing else but sell, sell, sell, and sell some more, which is terrible if you ask me. When people subscribe to an email newsletter, you should always try to remind them why they subscribed and when they subscribed.

This is because they took an interest in you, and if you constantly tell them why they subscribed, they will continue to recognize that you matter.

This is because if they took an interest, they will continually be reminded by you why they subscribed. You can tell them when and why they subscribed in a few ways but the way I recommend is to include the following at the end of each one of your email:

This email is being sent to you because you subscribed to Scott Hurtado’s Newsletter at

Here is your subscription information:

Name: {!name}
Email: {!email}
Subscribed on: {!signdate long}

If for some reason, you would no longer like to receive the emails we send out you can unsubscribe by clicking the link at the end of this email. No hard feelings!

{!global_fix variable name}

People think I am crazy asking them to open unsubscribe.
There’s logic behind why I ask people to unsubscribe.

Here are the two reasons why I ask people to unsubscribe:

1. By putting it out there, I’m not hiding anything. It’s a reminder of the transparency and authenticity of the brand that I hope people stay subscribed for. I never want to scam or trick anyone into anything. Plus if you have a list of 100k subscribers but only 5k of them are opening your email then you don’t really have a list of 100k you have a list of 5k.

2. If people come to the end of my emails, I send out and read that passage, then feels like unsubscribing? I hope they do, because I only want people on my list who really want the content I have to share. I don’t want dead and wasted subscribers on my list.

You want to have a list of subscribers that are engaged because this will give you so much better results when testing your data and you won’t have to pay for the subscribers on your list that are dead.

7. Create An Amazing First Email that Goes Out Immediately

People come to your website then end up subscribing because they took an interest in your site, content, videos, or whatever else that catcher their eye.

After they confirm their email, they will have get your first auto-responder sent to their email. You must make sure that this email blows them away with value and quality.

Why? Because you have their interest and there’s nothing worse then someone opting into your newsletter all to find out it sucks.This will in almost all cases make them unsubscribe immediately without thinking about it twice.

You job is to show people you matter don’t mess that up by giving someone a crappy first impression.One of the best things you can do for them is just give them something that would normally cost money for free.

Just hand it over to them without ever asking anything in return because this will show them that they matter to you, and you actually care about you being on the newsletter.

8. Create An Amazing Follow up Auto-Responder

An Auto-Responder is your goldmine! You take that initial time to set it up so that you can have a few months or years of messages that will get sent out in a sequential order.

It’s like having a entire team of people that will send out an email for every single person in the exact same order giving you the power to connect like never before. Her’s where it get’s interesting though: the first email you have sent to them will have on average a 50% open rate giving it a 86% more effective rate than your Auto-Responder that follow after it so again make your first email have AMAZING VALUE!

Second thing is that when you build out a Auto-Responder newsletter you will see more than a 33% increase in profits.

Doesn’t seem like much but this can be tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a few months. You have to keep in mind that email marketing doesn’t evolve you pouring your time into it every week.

Once it’s setup you’re able to let it do it’s thing. Take the time to create an Auto-Responder newsletter and try to create one that you yourself would want to subscribe to.

9. Welcome and Encourage People to Reply

I am sure you have experienced people trying to just sell you in email and telling you to do this and that all while not giving a crap about you. It sucks cause there’s no connection between you and the person you have an interest in.

Instead of going out and creating a list about sharing, promoting, telling them to do this and that, we leave out one of the most powerful aspects of business.

“Building a Relationship between you and your Prospectors.”

Everytime I create a new followup series I ask my subscribers to respond and I often times ask things like:

What are you struggling with?
What would you like me to help you with?
What was your first impression of me?
Please tell me, how can I better help you?

I am so humbled to know I have helped someone with their problem. When they respond or ask for help I get a true understanding of how I can improve or create more of what my followers and subscribers most desperately need to succeed.

The truly amazing thing that comes out of helping people who connect with my brand weather it be through email, a comment on a blog post, a message through a social network is that they could become customers down the road which transforms it’s weight in gold. How cool is that, being able to help people that I want to help no matter the monetary rewards in place, but by helping people I am able to make huge profits.

Nothing can be more fulfilling if you ask me.

The most lost opportunity a business can have is when they use an email address like: no-reply@, or when the email reads “please do not reply to this email, no one will answer you.”

How’s that for building a relationship?
Talk about a huge, wasted opportunity there.

10. Remind People WHY you Matter

It’s often times really hard to tell people that you matter. Yes, you could just go out yelling at them telling them that you matter but that’s not going to do the trick it will just get people hitting the unsubscribe button.

What you have to do is give them the value proposition which is giving them so much amazing stuff they would be crazy to think about unsubscribing or not opening up your emails.

Letting someone know that you matter is easy to do when you do it in a way of not directly telling them. Rather than tell them show them why you matter by creating the most amazing content, videos, and everything that you do.

No one will ever question themselves of why you matter what they will be doing is thinking about when you send out the next great newsletter to them. Getting people to understand what you stand for isn’t hard.

Just go out and create what you love.

What’s Your Score When it Comes to your Emailing Efforts?

If you haven’t yet started your own email list, that’s okay. Better late than never though.

You can check out the tutorial on getting setup with an email list here.

If you have an email list, how did you score?

Out of these 10 email marketing efforts, how many are you actually doing right now?

1. Well Planned Well Placed Opt-in Forms throughout your Site.
2. Have a Two-Step Opt-in Process
3. Create a Custom Thank You Page / Confirm your Email Page
4. Create Custom Thank You Page / Success Page
5. Create Custom “Already Subscribed” Page
6. Remind People WHEN and WHY They Subscribed
7. Create An Amazing First Email that Goes Out Immediately
8. Create An Amazing Follow up Auto-Responder
9. Welcome and Encourage People to Reply
10. Remind People WHY you Matter

Leave your score in the comment section below.

Me: 10 out of 10. ?

Now you know some things you can work on to get better engagement. Thanks again for your continued support, and if you enjoyed this article, please help me out by sharing it for me.