Discover your True Purpose in Life

It’s hard to discover your true purpose in life. When you know your purpose, you understand your “why” and what makes you matter at all.

A lot of people think their purpose is their day job, daily responsibilities and long-term goals like owning a house or being able to retire and enjoy the rest of what’s left of their life. Some of those purposes are a good start, but I am talking about a much deeper purpose, a purpose that tells you why you exist in the first place.

Some people will try to say purpose doesn’t matter, and there’s no such thing as to why we’re here. Let me shed some light on this subject of one thinking purpose doesn’t exist. When you don’t believe you have a purpose to your life, it won’t stop you from finding it. All it will ultimately do is delay you from finding it in your life. If you’re stubborn to the idea of you thinking you do have a purpose then you might not really care what I have to say here.

However, if I am right then what do you have to lose? Ask yourself what’s the downside? There isn’t any; you have zero risk!

When you want to discover your true life purpose you must clear your mind of false beliefs and false purposes you have been conditioned over the years (including the idea that you may have no purpose at all). Clearing your mind will be hard at first, and this is the ego trying to push its way into giving you false claims and false beliefs. You need to follow your heart and listen to your intuition. The more open minded you are to the process of discovering your true purpose in your life the faster it will work for you. On the other hand, if you’re having thoughts of negativity towards purpose and thinking what’s the point? You will just elongate the process of you finding true purpose in your life.

Most of us on this earth have no idea what we want to do with our lives, even after we’re making good money. I myself from as far back as I can remember up until around the age of 20 changed my mind about what I actually wanted to do in my life. I had thought I knew what I wanted to do indefinitely. Chances are you’re more like I was and have no clue what you want to do. I went through so many careers as a young adult it’s not even funny. To give you an idea of some of the things I wanted to do for the rest of my life here’s some of my past careers/businesses I had: Graphic Designer, Photographer, Sound Engineer, Recording Engineer, Web Developer, Video Engineer, Game Developer, App Developer, and many others.

Some of the businesses I built became very successful, but my heart just wasn’t in them. Some of the careers and jobs I built from the ground up had huge publications released which brought me more success and business. However, I started them because I looked at what others were doing and thought to myself that would be cool to be doing what they do. I went about things all wrong. Don’t get me wrong though cause I truly loved all the things I have learned over the years. Without doing what I did in the past, I might not have written this very article you’re reading.

It’s a struggle almost everyone goes through once or twice in their life. In my case, I went through it a lot, but I did learn many things along the way (which is okay by me). Almost everything I have started, I have mastered one way or another. I have been told by many people “Scott you’re a jack of all trades and master of everything you put your mind to.” It’s because my life-force and mindset are as the universe. Abundant and never ending.

I truly love to learn and gain knowledge about anything and everything (crazy as that sounds it’s the truth). In a way, I believe my life’s purpose is “To learn, grow and help others.” This sentence is a small portion of my life’s purpose, but none the less this short sentence is a powerful one. And that’s because most people’s life’s purposes have some part of “helping others” chiseled into its core. In most cases, people’s life’s purpose has “helping others” as a part or the entire part of their purpose in life. Helping other people is what makes me wake up every day.

When you ask yourself “What do I want to do with my life?” “What am I truly passionate about?” “What do I not suck at doing?” it can be hard to get any kind of answer. I often receive emails from people in their 40s and 50s who still have no clue what they want to do with their life.

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The real importance of finding true purpose is by you discovering what feels important to you in your life. Another question I get asked all the time is “Scott what should I do with my life?” This is an impossible question for me to answer, and people sometimes expect me to answer it right there on the spot (Yea, I am secretly God after all. Just kidding or am I?). After all, for all I know, the people who ask me this question could be into dumpster diving or maybe they like to collect Cheetos that look like Jesus Christ to sell on eBay. I have no clue who they are so who am I to say what’s right or what’s important to them?

For some people, they will understand what their true purpose is without any effort whatsoever. For others, it will take time. All I can say is to let your intuition take over and don’t give up if you can’t make a connection right away.

One of the oldest questions man has ever asked since creation of time itself is “Why are we here?”. Equally important is: “What’s our purpose?”.

These questions can have many answers depending on the person in which you ask. The real question is who do you ask? God? Your boss? Your Cat? I am almost sure your cat doesn’t hold the keys to your life’s purpose. The only person who knows of your purpose is yourself. Everyone else’s opinion shouldn’t matter to what they think your purpose should be or not be. Their opinions are just as good as your cats when it comes to your true life purpose, useless.

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You have to find your own purpose in life not make others find it for you. At the very least, you’ll learn one of two things: your true purpose in life or that you should see a therapist because you’re asking your cat about what your life’s purpose should be.

Discovering one’s “true purpose” in life comes down to you finding those one or two things that make your heart skip a beat. To find those one or two things you must refuse to give up, and make your failure only an action for motivation. You must take the time to think beyond yourself, to think greater than yourself, and to imagine a world without you. One of the best lessons I could give to you is that finding passion involves pain and finding purpose involves passion.

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