The 3 Reasons Why Being a Book Whore is a Good Thing ;)

If you’re like me then you could pay for a second mortgage with the books you buy every month. Now I know what some of you are saying: Scott, you’re crazy!

How to Tell if You’re A Fake Entrepreneur

There are a lot more people talking about entrepreneurship because of mainstream shows like Shark Tank, the Profit, and many others, it seems like everyone thinks they’re an entrepreneur when that’s not really the case. Telling yourself you’re an entrepreneur or an innovator doesn’t mean you are one.

How Storytelling Drives Growth

Storytelling is what separates the earners in business from those that struggle to make ends meet. Listen up … because this one you will most likely want to read twice.

How to Improve Your Blog Immediately to 10x Your Engagement

One of the best things you can do for your site after you have everything up and running—is to understand how others perceive your site. You want to understand how they navigate it, how far down do they scroll, what distracts them, and how to improve for better engagement.

How do Affiliate Links Work?

I get asked almost on a daily basis about how/what affiliate links are and in this post I am going to answer the question: How do Affiliate Links Work?

How I Used LeadPages to Rack UP 19 thousand Leads in 25 Days!

I suggest you pay attention to this post ’cause it’s got some damn good insights and advice. Not to mention that the headline of this post says it all: How I used LeadPages to rack up 19,000 leads in 25 days!

How to Create A Genuine Connection with your Audience Through Social Media

If you want to get anywhere with your business, then you need to connect with people in a way that makes them want to engage and to take action. Whether it’s buying something, opting into your newsletter or even just leaving a quick comment on your YouTube video—engagement and action is crucial to your success. The bottom line is that you need people to connect with you.

9 Ways to Land your First 1,000 Customers

When I first started, it was extremely hard for me to obtain my first 1,000 customers, but now that I’ve learned the ropes and created many businesses from scratch, I know a thing or two.

How to Become Financially Free

What does it honestly take to become financially free? What would it feel like to live life without having to worry about bills and money? To not have worry about retirement? To be able to have your house, car, vacations, and everything paid for.

How to Have The Most Productive Day Ever

We all have the same 24-hour day. Why, then, do some people look like they get so much more done? Well, that’s what I am here to show you—how to have the most productive day ever!

7 Things Successful People Do

Have you ever wondered how people become successful? Some seem to have it easy, like everything they do is a success. It may even give the impression that these people are just born with the success gene, if there’s such a thing.

How to Get your Content to be a Viral Frenzy!

Making something go viral is definitely not easy to do; you have to put a lot of thought and time into creating content that has the potential to become a viral frenzy.