How to Have The Most Productive Day Ever

We all have the same 24-hour day. Why, then, do some people look like they get so much more done? Well, that’s what I am here to show you—how to have the most productive day ever!

7 Things Successful People Do

Have you ever wondered how people become successful? Some seem to have it easy, like everything they do is a success. It may even give the impression that these people are just born with the success gene, if there’s such a thing.

How to Become an Authority and Not Another Expert

Everyone wants to be an authority; after all, being an authority means that people go to you when they need help. And when people think that you have a solution to their problems, you will have more business, more revenue, and a better life knowing you’re helping others (at least, for me).

The 11 Books Every Entrepreneur MUST Read!

I love reading and learning new things. You can say that knowledge is my addiction.

7 Lessons I Learned Going from Zero to $30k a Month in Under a Year

When I first started my path as an entrepreneur over 10 years ago, I told myself I would love to earn 100k a year. Fast forward to today: I still want to make a 100k, but it’s not for a year, anymore, it’s for a month! LOL

How Can you Actually Become Successful in Life?

Success is a lifelong goal everyone wants from the day they can understand what the word means. However, what most people don’t understand is that success is different for everyone.

The Real Secret To Getting Money or Anything in Life

I know it’s hard to remove the power that money has in your life because we’ve been taught that money makes the world go round. However, once you read this article you will start to understand that money is just money, nothing more.

Why it’s Okay to Ask for Help

Going out and asking for help is a good thing; don’t let others tell you otherwise. When I started my business, I tried to do everything by myself because I didn’t think I needed help (most entrepreneurs try and do everything themselves). Well, I made a big mistake because I could have used some help and saved myself a lot of time. I’m sure you can use some help in some parts of your business yourself.

9 Life Lessons I have Learned Over the Years

Life is a series of lessons you must learn. Some are good experiences, while others are not so enjoyable. Let me share with you some of the life lessons I have gone through over the years.

5 Ways to Hack your Life & Become More Productive

Everyone can use more time in the day to do more meaningful work. If you can have an extra 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, or even more time each day, what would you do with it?

Discover your True Purpose in Life

It’s hard to discover your true purpose in life. When you know your purpose, you understand your "why" and what makes you matter at all.

Where to Start with Your Dreams?

It’s an incredible gift that we can dream and imagine whatever we choose. What’s often hard for most is knowing what to dream or imagine altogether. As long as you imagine and visualize your dreams as occurring someday, your dreams will never happen for you.