21 Tips On Starting An Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate Marketing is a confusing business when first starting. There’s so much to learn so I thought I would create an article on 21 tips to affiliate marketing for both the newbies and veterans alike. Enjoy!

Tip 1. Have the correct mindset before you go off building an affiliate marketing business. I see it happen all the time, people going off creating a site to promote affiliate offers when all they care about if the money. You must come to understand there’s so much more than just money when it comes to affiliate marketing. Let’s say you make a bunch of money for the sake of argument, just because you make loads of money doesn’t mean you will be happy with your business.

Tip 2. Be extremely helpful to your audience. By helping people in your desired market this will allow you to not only build trust and rapport with your affiliate marketing business it will get people to start coming to you for their needs in your market, which is exactly what you want.

Tip 3. Create Value in everything you do. By approaching everything you build, create, or do with value in mind you will get noticed so much faster. I don’t like people that don’t deliver value and I am sure you feel the same way.

Tip 4. Be Transparent with your affiliate marketing business. Everyone gets mad at those who try to rip them off or trick them into buying something. When you try to scam, trick, or rip off people, your income will reflect that. Basically you won’t make much and that’s because you’re not being transparent with the things you are doing.

Tip 5. Be Patient. Affiliate marketing takes time even when you are starting an affiliate marketing business that just consists of driving traffic. It doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes time and if you’re patient you will reap the benefits in the long run.

Tip 6. Stay Relevant. When building a business with affiliate marketing most people can often times stray from the path of the original market they were going after. When you start being irrelevant to the market you’re trying to target you will soon start loosing the attention and trust of your market.

Tip 7. Create Timeless Content. Content is kind when it comes to doing business online and even more so when it comes to affiliate marketing. If you create timeless content in your videos, articles, sales copy, newsletters and everything else you will win your market and attract sales to your offers.

Tip 8. Select your Affiliate Programs Carefully. There’s nothing worse than going out and building a business around an affiliate program you thought was great when later on you find out it was a terrible choice to go with them. Do your research and understand what they offer you as an affiliate before you start promoting them.

Tip 9. Build Trust with your Followers and Market. There’s nothing better than having people trust you when you’re advertising to them. When you build a relation ship with the people you market to it will allow you to build a far better business online. By trying to just sell to people who don’t trust you is a recipe for disaster and that’s why you should try and build trust before you give them your affiliate link.

Tip 10. Be Honest. When building a business around affiliate marketing it is very easy to trick people into thinking you’re an expert. However, just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s something you should do. I am sure you have been tricked into something before and I bet you didm’t like it. Keep it honest and stay true to yourself with your affiliate marketing business.

Tip 11. Show then Why they should listen to you. If you create a follow-up series, then you should give them some amazing content for free to make them understand why they need to listen to you. Giving people value will tell them that you care about them, and you want nothing short of success.

Tip 12. Know your Keywords when driving traffic. It can suck at times when first starting out and not really knowing how to drive paid traffic to your offers to start gaining a profit with your affiliates. If you learn keywords, you will have a far better chance to win big in your affiliate marketing business.

Tip 13. Play Around with Different Traffic Sources. When driving traffic to your affiliate offers there’s a wide selection of advertising platforms. If you stick with only one advertising source then you might not ever come to see that there’s a better source to drive traffic with your offers.

Tip 14. Have a Wide Selection of Ad’s to choose from. When building up your affiliate offers it’s a good idea to test different banner ad’s. If you only have a few I would spend the time to create a few dozen all with different colors, ad copy, and if you can create some that are animated banner ad’s because they have a much higher chance of people clicking on them. You can go to the Resources page to checkout the ones I use and recommend.

Tip 15. Create Multiple Landing Pages for your Offers. By having more pages to test and run traffic to it will allow you to understand what makes people buy your offers. You can also have them opt-in to your auto-responder, which can automat the process of you driving sales to your affiliate offers.

Tip 16. Create a Custom Follow up Auto-Responder. Having the ability to have your newsletter sent out in a sequence will create more free time to do more important things. It will also allow you to automat the sales process as I just mentioned in tip 15. Having a newsletter will help you out in so many ways so don’t build an affiliate marketing business without one! The company I use for my auto-responder series is AWeber. I recommend building out an auto-responder series that will go for six months to a year, that means you will have a new email sent out every three or days to a new subscriber for the next six months or even for the next year.

Tip 17. Create New Content as Much as Possible. Having brand new articles, videos, newsletter, will show people that you’re up to date with the ever changing landscape of the market as well as a good place to come to for up to date information.

Tip 18. Only Promote the Best Affiliate Programs. This tip is kind of a repeat of one I just went over but a smaller scope. Finding the best affiliates that reflect your interests will give you a much better result. That’s because you might already be using that product or serve or you truly have interest in the product or service. I always experience my affiliates because I never want to promote something I haven’t tried myself and that’s because if someone asks me I want to be able to tell them exactly what I have received from the product.

Tip 19. Build a Brand of your Own. I am sure you see brands all the time promoting products and services that’s because it is a very powerful things to do. When you start having people engage with your brand it will build up your reputation within your desired market. Brand building is an amazing idea in any business and it’s going to be just as amazing if you do this in affiliate marketing.

Tip 20. Learn New Things Rise Above the Competition. There’s always competition out there and there’s no better way to make people notice you than rising above the rest. This can be as simple as releasing a new hot article every week about the trending things in your market, or it could be just as easy as truly helping people with their desires and needs. Showing people you’re on the forefront of the market will allow you to be the go to source for their needs and wants.

Tip 21. Be Yourself. This one sounds like a no brainer, but I see people all the time trying to be something their are not, and they will soon give up if they keep going about it this way. Being yourself will attract so many more people than if you try to be someone you’re not. That’s because people hate fakes, and phonies. Your friends and family know who you are and at times they’re the first line of people who you should show your business to. They will give you feedback on what could be changed or improved upon.

Stay Humble, Build a Better Future, & Never Stop Dreaming.