19 Remarkable Stock Photo Resources That Are Free

Finding really good photos for your blog posts, emails, or even social media updates can be time consuming, not to mention it can cost a fortune because stock photo sites want you to pay. I am guessing there are more images on the Internet than there are fish in the sea. It’s never a good idea to just use any image you come across because you could be facing consequences without proper attribution or permission to use the photo.

Of course there are a lot of free images that you can Google or search for, but almost all of the so-called “free” images are pretty terrible for one reason or another.

Getting your hands on stock photos that don’t cost you an arm and a leg is not out of reach. I created this post and collaborated with my team to give you some great places to find some great photos for your creations. Enjoy. 🙂

1. Death to the Stock Photo

This is a place that I love; the sale of images are exactly the kind I like. The site is always adding new images from different artists every month so make sure to check them out.

2. Gratisography

This site is another hand-selected one that I love and use. It has high resolution photographs for use in personal or commercial projects. You can contribute to the site’s owner via the “Buy Me A Coffee?” link.

3. Pexels

This is a great stock photo site; they upload 5 new photos every day for you to download.

4. PixaBay

I have used this site since day one. All the images are free; all you have to do is create an account to download them at high resolution. 😉

5. picjumbo

Another great place to download images from. When you register to their site you can select the option to have them send you new images by email which is nice.

6. New Old Stock

This is a great site and I love how it just scrolls forever. 🙂 Here you will find both new and old stock photos for you to download and use.

7. Snapwire Snaps

This site uploads around 7 new snapshots every week, all of them are free to use on personal and commercial projects that you might have. They will also send you emails with new images if you set up an account.

8. Get Refe

Some amazing photos, but a lot of the time when you download an image the site will also download antivirus software or send you to install some app on your Mac. It gets irritating after a minute.

9. Cupcake

This is a place I have used in the past and they have some great images. The site doesn’t have a ton of photos, but they are great photos nonetheless. 🙂

10. Jay Mantri

All the photos on the site are free for you to use (free pics. do anything (CC0). make magic.). Every photo on the site has been taken by the site owner. Amazing photographer to say the least. 🙂

11. Travel Coffee Book

This site has a lot of great travel moments and all the images fall within the CC0 license, which means you can do whatever you want with them. You can join their newsletter to download all their images in one shot.

12. SplitShire

A great site with a lot of free images available for personal or commercial use.

13. Unsplash

They have some amazing high resolution photos and everything is under the CC0 license. With tier site you can register and they will send you 10 photos every 10 days.

14. Picography

I’ve always like the images on this site, but the way you search for images could be improved. However, it’s still an amazing place to get images; it just takes a minute because you can’t really search through them all that well.

15. Foodies Feed

As the title says “Foodies Feed,” you can expect to find some great images of food to use for your projects. Photos on this site can be used for any personal or commercial project that you have.

16. ISO Republic

This site has a lot of free images and you can also sign up for their premium option to get more images. The site also expects donations.

17. Magdeleine

You can find some great photos on the site and everything is divided into eight categories. Once you’re in a category all you have to do is click the “older photos” button to view more photos to download.


Most of the images on the site are free and you can use them as you like. I’ve downloaded some really good images from here for past projects.

19. Stokpic

Lots of free photos for you to download. Make sure to register because you can get premium photos from the site without having to pay anything.

There are many stock photo sites out there that charge a yearly or monthly fee, but why pay hundreds a year when you can get some really good photos from the sites above. Yes, some of the resources I listed might have some costs involved, but they all have a huge selection of free images.

Don’t spend hundreds a year on photos because you can come back to this post at any time and see for yourself that the list above is more than enough. If you do need to get your hands on a paid stock photo site, then here’s the one I recommend as they have tens of thousands of images and vectors to choose from — shutterstock.com

At the time of writing this post you can get 750 Images for $199/month from Shutterstock. That comes out to around $0.27 for each image, which isn’t bad.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I have had creating it. Please share with me your thoughts below in the comments section. What stock photo site do you use for your images? What do you like/dislike about stock photo sites? Share your thoughts and I will personally reply back.

Thanks again!

Scott “a picture tells a thousand words” Hurtado