Why You Need to Have a Comment System On Your Site

Here’re some tools that I recommend you use to have the best comments system on your site.

Disqus — is what I currently use on my site and I love it for a few reasons. Number one is that people can comment without having to log into my site. Whatever comment system you use you want to make it as easy as possible for someone to comment. What you don’t want to do is make them have to register, verify, and any other steps to leave a comment. Make it painless and effortless for readers to leave a comment.

The other reasons I use Disqus is because people can comment with their Facebook account, Twitter, Google+, and Disqus of course. Now Disqus also will fight spam because spam sucks! Disqus has built in spam filters so you no longer have to worry about spam. If you do use WordPress like Myself you might go with the stand alone version comment system, but you will have to combat spam and there’s a great plugin I recommend you install into your site if you use the standard WordPress comments system. The plugin that will get rid of all your comment spam is called Akismet

Just remember that the Akismet plugin isn’t necessary when you use Disqus. If you don’t use Wordpress then you can still use Disqus on any site.

The next comment system I recommend is Facebook Comments (I also use this on my site). Facebook is used by one-third of the world so obviously it’s a god idea to integrate it within your site. It’s not hard to switch out the WordPress comment system with the Facebook Comments.

I would go with either Disqus or Facebook comments for your site because it will allow you to not only get more comments it’s a lot better than the stand alone comments system WordPress comes with.